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If you need gopher help, click on my Nationwide List of Gopher Removal Experts for a pro near you. A gopher hole maybe an indication that you have a problem, but with several holes you will definitely know that there are several feet of tunnels running through your yard. Another natural option that some people have found that keeps gophers away is to plant Oleanders. After the tunnel is exposed and the runways are identified you will need to figure out a technique for ridding yourself of these animals.
If you decide you want to trap the rodents instead of flooding them than in the exposed tunnel that you had previously dug up, place a trap at each end of the tunnel and cover the hole with a piece of wood that covers the entire area and put dirt around the edges. There are repellents on the market for gophers but one of the more effective repellents is moth balls.
The best decision to remove the bat landing somewhere in your house is to take some small box or a coffee can and place it over the resting bat.
A butterfly net or thick towel will help you to capture and noose the bat if it is flying around your room.
Keep in mind, if you have a colony of bats in your house, the only way to remove them out of the house is by ‘excluding’ bats – blocking off their entry points into the home. PLEASE NOTE: In some countries all bat species are protected by law, and it is illegal to move or disrupt them. The Least Shrew and Short Tailed Shrew are two of the smallest mammals in North America and are the most common in our area of the Midwest. It is the soil excavated from the deep tunnels that homeowners find on their lawns, piled up in mounds that resemble little volcanoes.
Or perhaps you do not have voles on your landscape, but you wish to find out how to keep it that way.
There are six species of moles living in North America where by far the most common lawn and garden pest is the Eastern Mole (Scalepus acquaticus). Moles are a small (7 inches long, including tail), usually gray or brown mammal, that can be distinguished from meadow voles, gophers, and shrews by their naked, pointed nose. Note: If you can tolerate their burrows, moles will eliminate many insects while aerating your soil.
Many natural solutions are available to home gardeners, but nothing is absolutely foolproof. Natural castor oil repellents work well to keep burrowing animals from lawns, gardens and other planting areas. The Sonic Mole Chaser doesn’t play music, but instead produces a penetrating underground sonic pulse that drives underground rodents crazy. Note: There are few natural predators of this garden pest because of their subterranean habits and musky odor.
It is possible to have up to twelve hundred square feet of tunnels running four to eight inches below the surface of your back yard.
If you don’t know where the tunnel leads then they will continue to avoid you, only to pop again somewhere else.
There are several techniques to getting rid of the gophers; some are more effective than others. They do not like the smell of Naphthalene and will stay away from it especially once removed from their tunnel. Bats are often associated with vampires for their horrendous look and high-frequency sounds they emit. When the bat is covered, slide a piece of carton between the coffee can and wall or desktop, trapping it inside. If you don’t want them to be there, then a can of dog or cat repellent will help you to get rid of them.

They dig short tunnels and may use the same tunnels as moles and voles by creating numerous dime sized holes in the lawn for access. Vole runways result from the voles eating the grass blades, as well as from the constant traffic of numerous little feet beating over the same path.
MolesSince voles are not the only animal pests responsible for runways in lawn and garden areas, they are often confused with these other pests you'd like to get rid of – namely, moles. Classified as insectivores, they tunnel year round in their below-ground network (often using each tunnel only once) searching for earthworms, larvae (grubs) and other insects on which they feed.
However, their tunnels can be a problem as they push up mounds of earth and often harm the root systems of growing plants.
They have small eyes and ears, which are concealed by fur and large spade-like front feet that serve them well for digging. Breeding takes place during the spring between early February and late March depending on your locale. Traps should be placed in early spring when tunnels are first noticed, or after the first fall rains. Fill it with rock or line it with wire to prevent burrowing pests from invading garden areas. Pets won’t be affected but moles find the noise irritating and move to quieter surroundings. If you were to plant a row of the plants around your fence line or garden area surely these pesky animals would stay away.
If you want to flood them out than you would turn on the water for fifteen minutes and watch for the gopher to come out to trap or dispose of him. The gopher like most rodents multiple quickly so be mindful that catching one or two gophers may not end your problem. Though there are many people who will tell you mothballs simply do not work, there are still others who swear by the method. And if any lawn and garden pest can literally “beat a path” through the grass due to their sheer numbers, it’s the voles. Because both moles and voles are rarely seen, it makes more sense to base identification on the signs they leave behind, rather than on how the animals look. The Eastern Mole is a big eater and can consume 70-80% of its own body weight in insects every day! After a 4-6 week pregnancy, the single litter is born usually consisting of 3-5 hairless pups. However, if your soil is healthy, moles may still feed on earthworms after the grubs are gone. While this may seem interesting to some people, those who have had these critters set up shop in their yard know it can be dangerous. If your neighbors have gophers than chances are that you have or will be visited by the gopher since they have a tendency to reuse old tunnel paths to return to areas.
One rule of thumb is that if you were to take a straight line from the hole to the outer edge of the dug up material laying on the ground you would find the main runway. These are pretty smart little critters at avoiding capture and sometimes they will build ledges in their tunnels to allow for water to go through, so be sure to let the water run for some time. While you may not know the difference between moles and voles, even those who are not landscaping enthusiasts have heard of moles. After all, you may never come face to face with these furtive, furry foes.Moles produce two types of runways in your yard. These can be located by flattening the run, marking the location, and checking to see if the tunnel is raised within a day or two. Make sure the trap is specifically for moles.Select the best time to set the trapsPlace the traps during times of the year that are the most effective. The best way to keep the rodents out is to put in a fence around the area or yard that you want to protect.

Like moles, shrews must consume plenty of food and generally eat from 60-100% of their full body weight every day.
But most people go their whole lives without ever so much as hearing about these similar-looking pests, let alone controlling them.
Traps work well because they capitalize on the mole’s natural instinct to clear an obstructed tunnel. Spring and fall are the best times because moles thrive in moist soil and are most active.Set the trapsFollow the instructions on the mole traps to set them up. The fence would need to go two feet below the surface as well as one foot above the ground to keep gophers out.
A bat can sleep behind your wardrobe or under the bedside-table.  Inspect the house or apartment to find the bat. When the bat is captured, release it outdoors in case you are certain that it hasn’t come into contact with anyone. Be careful with bat’s head; don’t damage it, because the brain is what is used for testing.
You need to check below-the-ground or tunnel traps regularly, moving them daily until the mole gets caught. It should also be made of chicken wire or wire mesh so that the critter cannot chew threw it. In the rare event that you are bitten by one of these shrews you may encounter some pain for a few days but little more.
The second type of runway runs deeper and enables the moles to unite the feeding tunnels in a network. Moles typically live alone and only to the lifespan of 3 years, so your mole problem may resolve itself if the traps don't work.
From some of the feedback that has come in on them, it’s looking like these are rather ineffective, so it might be better to put your money towards something more reliable. They say that each one covers an area of a quarter acre, so with the set you are clear for a half acre. Compared to other potential solutions like setting traps and using pesticides, this would be a pretty hands-off way of going about it.Evaluation Riddex experienced some initial success with their in-home system that is supposed to keep roaches and other indoor bugs out of your home.
It only makes sense that they would try to apply the same sort of system to other bothersome critters.
One thing you might be concerned about is how many batteries you’d go through, if this is going off every 30 seconds. But there are also reports that this might not be safe for pets, and that it might give dogs a problem as well. This is one point of contention that we had as well, how do you make a sonic product that moles can hear but not dogs?Our Recommendation We’ll be on the lookout for a better way to get rid of moles and other pesky animals from your yard. We haven’t really found anything that offers the same sort of benefits as this, mostly the humaneness of it.
I also have a dog so any alternative method of getting rid of a gopher is dangerous for my dog as well.
The day after I put it in the ground there were fresh mole tunnels about a foot away from the device. Real Answers.Recent Product Reviews Does the JEtech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit for Smart Phones Really Work?

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