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If you or someone close to you has contracted a staph infection then this will be the most important letter you've ever read. Staph infections are on the rise and recent studies have estimated over 500,000 hospital patients contract staph infections (MRSA) every year in the United States alone.
Most of the time staph infections cause only minor skin irritations that are contagious and hard to eradicate once it has taken hold.
The standard treatment for staph infections is to use powerful antibiotics that provide a temporary boost to your immune system in an attempt to defeat the spread of the bacteria.
But antibiotics have become less and less effective in fighting staph infections and even more concerning is that the medical community has discovered many new strains that are resistant to vancomycin, an antibiotic usually used as the last line of defense against MRSA.
Many staph sufferers get caught up in a destructive cycle of repeated antibiotic use to stave off infection and re-infection. It is also very common that people experience negative side effects when taking antibiotics, such as upset stomach, nausea, and sickness. Staph Infections and MRSA are very worrisome pathogens and effective vaccines are desperately needed, but antibiotics are not always the best way to combat these bacterial infections.
I am very knowledgeable about MRSA & Staph and I am going to provide you with everything you need to know to overcome your affliction with staphyloccocus infections. Yes, it is true that Staph and MRSA can be deadly and research to discover a wonderdrug to cure and prevent MRSA is ongoing. The discovery of penicillin was possibly one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time and antibiotic treatment should not be ignored.
What most people need is a simple system to stop their infection, boost their immune systems to prevent the spread of the bacteria and, finally, to overcome it. An easy remedy for nasal infections than can completely eradicate the presence of the bacteria in less than 7 days (p.
How to treat internal infections using a naturally occurring powerful antibiotic with a proven success rate (p. Learn how to get the most out of Western medicine -- learn what kinds of treatment is available and how to work with your doctor for best results.
The key to preventing re-infection is to make sure you body is getting the right nutrition so that it can easily suppress invading bacteria.
Learn what common foods and snacks are actually destroying your body's ability to fight off infection! Discover what foods you should not be ignoring and learn exactly how to incorporate them into your diet to give your body the fuel it needs to fight bacterial invasions.
Learn which super-healthy supplements your body put to work for fighting off infection -- these are supplements that are very hard to get from eating food alone.

Staph Infection Secrets has a quick 3-step system dedicated entirely to boosting your immune system. Keep your family safe and infection-free by using the safest and most effective cleaning supplies and techniques (p.
Learn how and why most people become infected so that you can avoid infection with the simple lifestyle tips (p. Discover how to get the most out of both medical systems to live a healthy, happy life without recurring staph infections. More than just 1 solution - We recommend a few different ways to get rid of your staph infection so you can pick the one that's best for you.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are unsatisfied for any reason please let us know and we will refund your money.
Medical Disclaimer: As a PHD and staph researcher, I can tell you first-hand that MRSA and staph can be deadly if not treated properly.
The information on this website is not intended diagnose, treat or cure any disease and it is not a substitute for seeing a qualified physician in person.
With dd when she had it, we caught it once where it was early and did not have to be lanced.
Because of my experience with dd and myself (mine was absolutely horrible) I don't mess with them. Just for reference - We had our first outbreak of MRSA almost three years ago this month and have had it in three of the five in the family. I hope you all are doing well this Christmas morning and that your LO is feeling better and has been seen and treated by a doctor. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. This super bug has become increasingly resistant to antibiotic treatment and in some cases it is fatal. The overuse of antibiotics has resulted in the explosion of mutated strains that have developed resistance to antibiotic treatment. In the short term antibiotics are an effective way to boost your body's natural defenses, but research has shown that repeated antibiotic use will drastically reduce your body's ability to defend itself. Hubert Walinski and I hold a doctorate degree (PHD) in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine from the University of British Columbia.
But there are problems with relying on antibiotics as a miracle cure and one of the main drawbacks from using antibiotics is that they can cause your body to let down it's natural defenses, resulting in further infection. The biggest problem with Staph and MRSA treatment is that the bacteria manages to survive antibiotic treatment and eventually cause re-infection.

In it you will discover how to cut out the bad foods you're putting in your body, how to fuel your body with infection-fighting nutrients it needs, and how to make some other small lifestyle changes so that your body is well-equipped to resist bacterial infections. This book explain everything your doctor doesn't have time to tell you about Staph and MRSA. If you are not satisfied with the material provided for any reason, simply contact the administrators of this website within 60 days from your date of purchase and you will be issues a refund for your purchase.
Some cases are severe are require immediate medical attention, but in most cases you can overcome your recurring infections using safe healing methods that work with your body to battle infection. It is recommended that you use the advice on this website an in my book as a resource to discuss treatment options with your doctor.
Walinski holds a PHD in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine the study and diagnosis of disease) from the University of British Columbia. As per doctors orders, we allplied warm compresses all through the day until it finally popped.
It's a strain of staph that's resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. For the last three years I was the Director of Science at a pharmaceutical company and managed a team of 30 researchers working around the clock on MRSA treatments. This book is an up-to-date resource that explains everything your doctor doesn't have time to tell you about Staph and MRSA. Then we continued to do the warm compresses.She was already on antibiotics for MRSA since she has had it once before. All the simple, yet helpful advices can be used by any ordinary person, be it care for home Mom or a single guy dealing with staph infections. When my brother had staph in a wound on his leg it kept getting worse even though he was covering it in antibiotic ointment. The fact that hers is open is a good thing but if it is MRSA then a heavy dose of antibiotics is in store.
It's definitely not something to mess with but speaking from experience, the fact that it is open is a good thing. Apply warm compresses and clean everything really well so you don't spread it but also go have her checked out as well in case antibiotics are in store.

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