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Cleo was the longest lived pet I have ever had- he was born April 1997 on the streets of Amherst Nova Scotia, and died May 20, 2014 due to complications of kidney failure. Cleo was part of a litter of kittens left at the Amherst Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized for severe Upper Respiratory Infection, but his outgoing personality with my dog Hoochie had me treating his infection and adopting him out. Cleo loved chasing the shiny crinkly balls, rolling in catnip, going for car rides, eating the occasional mouse, and sleeping on a human.
Cleo was more of a lover than a fighter- he seemed to get along with neighborhood cats, and in his 17 years of life he was not once treated for a cat fight injury. As Cleo aged and was diagnosed with kidney disease, he refused to eat canned cat food, instead opting for tuna. Cleo didn’t attain any large status in life- he wasn’t a celebrity, not involved in politics, but he sure had a large impact on his family. Cleo initially slept every night with myself ( Dr Andrew) or my wife Catherine, and then as our 2 children grew, he slept with them. We banter around the sayings that our pet give us so much more that we can give them back- when you lose a pet you know that to be true. Cleo taught me that you can never underestimate the power of unconditional love, and that a loud YOWL will get you what you want. I’m very sorry to hear about Cleo and my sympathy to you and your family I know she will be very much missed.
I think that’s so wonderful that you were able to save that sick kitten from being euthanized and he had a wonderful long and well loved life with you and your family. They like to be out all night and then eat a big breakfast and sleep until they are ready to go out and do it all over again. Hopefully in the future you will be able to rescue (NOT replace Cleo)and again find the love of a Cat. My sincere condolences to Dr Jones and his family, loosing a pet no matter their age, is a great loss and most heart breaking.
And when one of them touches a special place in our heart, the loss is all the more intense.

Cleo looks a lot like my Fluffy and Faith and I am so sorry to see him go as pets are like family and I too love mine as I know you love yours . So sorry to hear about Cleo … I know how much a cat can crawl up into your heart and the sorrow of losing our beloved companions.
So sorry about Cleo, I also have a 17 year old cat, she is diabetic and I am treating her accordingly, she still eating, drinking, peeing and pooping and sleeping 23 hours a day.
Sending so much love to all of you as you move thru this transition of precious Cleo’s passing.
Your Cleo is gorgeous and reminds me of my Fhairroh, who, when stretched out, looked like the Sphinx, posing in its glory. May your pictures and wonderful memories of Cleo help to heal the sorrow that rests always deep in heart and eventually serve to help you smile when he graces your thoughts. WE HAVE LOST THREE YORKIES , AND I NOW HAVE 2 YORKIES, TWO YEARS OLD, AND SPOILED ROTTEN !!!!
I’m so sorry to hear about Cleo, but what a fortunate kitty to have lived with such a loving and caring family. My deepest sympathy to you and the family for the loss of one of your family, Cleo, the wonderful and deeply loved cat. To say he had a great life is an understatement-he lived like a KING!!!My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you-I know he will be missed and many tears will be shed because of his passing-may God bless.
Jones Its always sad when a loved pet dies as they are so much part of the family, Cleo lived a very long life for a cat as you and your family took great care of her, and I am quite sure she took care of you in her way. They don’t want you to just grieve they want you to go out and find another to love and to give the other pet you find be it at shelter or on the street or any place you can adopt an unwanted pet . I am so happy that she knew love and contentment and adventure and safety throughout those years. I have been through the pet loss a number of times and I can well empathize with you and your family, it’s a part of your everyday life that goes missing. I lost my few cats and saw the loveliest one, the dearest to me dying in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to save her.

My 14 year old cat, I think is in heart failure due to hyperthyroid, totally heart breaking and I can relate to the love you shared with your dear cat and the pain of this loss. It hurts like hell, I know…I had two cats in my lifetime, both of them died of kidney failure, one was 8 years old, the other 10 years old but we only had him for 4 because he was a rescue.
The pictures show him to be a beautiful cat and your eulogy shows him to have been a beautiful spirit.
They want you to love them as you loved yours and to give to them the toy collar and such .
I know I will find the decision to let my Katanah go when the time comes very difficult, we all do the best we can and the memories of our pets unconditional love is what keeps us going. You were lucky yours lived so long… He had a very good life with you and your family. I also had a kitty named Sandy for about 15 years who suddenly went blind and stopped eating altogether. I hope they have met and now play together in sweet grass and under the shade of great trees which they can climb and descend from joyfully. Pets have hearts too and they love and when they leave us they want us to remember them but to love another that I unwanted . Etienne lived to be 20 years 7 months old and I currently have a 19 year old that I intend to have for another few years. We never could figure out what was wrong with Sandy, I was advised to euthanize her, and then the vet blew the euthanasia procedure causing her to suffer unnecessarily. There is no cure for this disease but if you can keep it from progressing, it will give you more time with your babies.

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