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Just follow some of our recommended exercise routines and say goodbye to your wiggly arms, thighs, hips and belly, once and for all. I also know that I had strep throat three times in college, and was on a round of antibiotics each time. I battled systemic candida overgrowth, low iron, low B12, constant post-nasal drip, feeling as if a large, heavy weight was on my chest at all times.
I had warts on the bottom of my big toes, when I had never had a wart before in my life (needless to say, I was not pleased). It took me a while to figure it out, but after working with several naturopaths, acupuncturists, and nutritionists, and studying a whole lot on my own, I realized that those three rounds of antibiotics tore my stomach to shreds and pretty much ruined my digestive system.
Some of them do these things in part by fighting off invaders and maintaining a healthy balance with yeast, that is also naturally occurring in our system. So when we take antibiotics to kill off an intense invader like Group A Streptococcus bacteria, it also kills off all the good bacteria in our bodies. Suddenly you have out-of-control yeast that decides to puncture little holes in your gut, allowing undigested particles of food and yeast to make it into your blood.
Only recently has it hit mainstream that replenishing the good bacteria with probiotics after taking antibiotics is a good idea. In some ways, I was lucky enough to not find out it was strep until I was already on the road to recovery.
Despite the seriousness of strep throat, are antibiotics really necessary in the majority of cases? In light of the fact that every round of antibiotics potentially damages the gut in a manner than can never be 100% repaired, I think this question is worth consideration even if it may seem ludicrous at first.
My Father, a Family Physician, made the decision not to put me on any antibiotics and let me ride it out under my own power. Given the fact that a round of antibiotics has the potential to cause some permanent damage to the gut flora which has lifelong impact on overall immunity to both chronic and acute illness, skipping those pills altogether may prove in the long run to be the smartest approach of all.
Considering we are now innundated with antibiotics during our lifetimes (beyond these pills being prescribed for just about every sickness and skin disorder, they are found in our water supply, our soil, and our food), is it really a good idea to take them unless absolutely necessary?
So were you able to get back to completely normal as far as your digestive tract is concerned Christine?

I highly recommend that you start taking a good quality probiotic, and think of it as a lifestyle inclusion rather than a temporary thing (they are almost more important than a multi to me!). In a case such as your strep ordeal, it seems pretty clear in hindsight that enduring (even a lot of!) discomfort for a week or so is preferable to damaging your gut health for months or years. Do you know that flab, especially in the belly area can affect your liver, cause you heart disease and make you diabetic. I also know that I spent most of my 20s after that fighting illnesses directly linked to a jacked-up stomach. I struggled to get out of bed, had repetitive stress injury in my arms and hands for which I got worker’s comp and had to take time off, and had total adrenal fatigue. Still, it can take some time for that good bacteria to re-attach to the lining in your stomach and colon.
Needless to say, I’m not super psyched to go down the antibiotics road again, even if I know now how to stave off some of the damage.
But I did have more than a few moments of freaking out and almost going to the doctor after I did learn it was strep. Doctors usually treat strep throat with antibiotics even though they may not make you well faster.?
I know that I pay particularly close attention to my body, partly because of my experience of being sick in my 20s, and know that I have a pretty strong immune system at this point (so getting strep was a big indicator to me I need to cut the sugar, alcohol, and constant go-go-go that’s been happening in my life of late). What I should have done: cut sugar, dairy, and alcohol out immediately, and not halfway through, and consumed more broth.
If up to me, I will never take antibiotics again unless I have a life threatening condition and must take them. Yeast has a chance to proliferate because it doesn’t have beneficial bacteria to keep it in check. Scarlet fever, inflammation of the kidney, or rheumatic fever which could permanently damage the heart are all possibilities. I lost several pounds during that illness as I could only endure swallowing liquids the entire time…The interesting thing is that I?ve never had strep throat ever again. I felt I was taking an educated guess in the direction of getting better by using natural means, and by rest.

But I did witness the power of my immune system (with a little help from some natural sources*) when I was patient and let it do its thing. I know other people that like Metagenics and Culturelle (the latter which you can find in most grocery stores).
You need to exercise not just to save yourself from these upcoming health issues, but also to get lean muscles coz, more muscles mean more calories burn. Nothing that you are doing is so life-threatening that you can’t take some time off to let your body heal. Yes, I think my digestion is better now that it was even before I took the antibiotics, but only if I treat it right. Also include some good raw fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, sugar-free yogurt or kefir, etc. I developed food allergies and an autoimmune condition, which is under control, however as you said I have to mind my diet.
When I start to eat too many foods high in sugar and low in nutrients, my body doesn’t like it.
I definitely believe in eating fermented foods and taking probiotics pretty regularly, and when I don’t, I feel it.
Now, it tends to show up more in my skin and a sort of inflammatory response in the body rather than making my stomach hurt (though I know that much of inflammation stems from the digestive system not working properly). Allopathic doctors were no help; I had to do my own research and found a naturopath that helped nurse me back to health.
So for anyone thinking about taking antibiotics just to speed up the illness and reduce the contagious factor, I suggest trying holistic remedies first.

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