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Do you remember those days when you used to stay out all night and still some how wake up looking refreshed with not a hint of a shadow underneath your eye? For those days where my dark circles are at their worst I actually double up starting with Pixi Beauty’s Correction Concentrate and then I put their concealer over. It is widely used in India as a part of beauty regimes since sandalwood is abundant in India.
When it gets cooler outside, hair color trends lean towards warm colors like browns, blacks, caramels, and reds. In the world of beauty, eyes where usually the focal point that all the work would be concentrated on. Summer is just around the corner and having sun kissed sun is everyone dream look for the long summer months. The holidays are upon us and it's usually the time where most of us don bright, colorful makeup. A little kept secret that many French women like to do is keep a little spray bottle at a hand's reach.

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is looking for the miracle diet to shed those last few pounds. You want to make sure to customize for your skin tone as well as select product that accommodates the type of skin you have (whether oily or dry).
I’ve been really trying to perfect the art of contouring and this product is a game changer! For me, something about natural ingredients is more appealing to use than ones with chemicals.
It gets rid of acne and dark spots because it contains antimicrobial properties, which is something that you should look for if you want to get rid of blemishes. Between staying up late blogging and getting up early with babies I seem to have permanent under eye circles. It’s an easily, buildable matte powder that really creates a natural sculpting effect.
I have to do a lot of research before I put anything on face when it comes to chemical products, but it's without doubt so much easier for me to put natural products.

Use your middle finger to lightly pat it in to the skin (you can also use a beauty blender). If you also need a way to brighten up those eyes (and totally FAKE like you had a full nights sleep) here are some tips for how to get rid of dark under eye circles.
Additionally, it contains Rose Hip Extract that has cell regenerating and skin elasticity boosting properties (SCORE!), Vitamin A for anti-aging, Vitamin C for brightening and Vitamin E for nourishing. Pixi products are great because you can layer them giving you a little extra help if needed.

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