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Helps to pull bacteria out of pores, then keeps the pore size small and prohibits bacteria from getting in again. When using either acne product, it is important to first spot-test it to make sure that your skin does not react adversely.
If you find your skin rashes or welts after using either acne product, your skin is likely too sensitive to either the acidity of the salicylic acid or the basicity of the benzoyl peroxide, and is thus causing irritation.
Pimples occur when excess oil from the skin teams up with dead skin cells and bacteria to block the skin's pores.
Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a gentle exfoliating cleanser to remove built-up dirt and bacteria from the pimple. Opt for microderm abrasion or laser removal if the pimples do not respond to home remedies.
Overview Having pimples on your back and chest can be embarrassing and cause a lack of self-esteem.

We’re all familiar with a pimple here, a painful zit there, waking up the day of your interview with a whitehead, or stopping into the bathroom just to see that the painful bump you discovered that morning has now turned into a white-capped mountain. This sheds dead skin that would otherwise mix with oils and bacteria to form acne bumps, and introduces a new, bright layer of skin. To fix this, stop using the product immediately and cover the irritation with a diaper rash ointment for a few days until the irritation is gone. Knowing which product to use for different types of breakouts will decrease the time those white-caps get a chance to hang around. These blockages may form pus and break open to drain once they have come to a "head," while others do not leak and only stay red and inflamed. Avoid facial scrubs, astringents and masks because they can cause further skin irritation, according to the Mayo Clinic.
With numerous types of acne issues, and only two major acne-combusting agents available, it’s good to know which product to use when a facial emergency makes itself known.

Once tested, dab and lightly rub in an amount of acne product big enough to cover the spot itself. Both methods slough off the outer layers of dead skin while cleaning out clogs in the pores and reducing inflammation.
Here is the low-down on the two major types of breakout-banishing over-the-counters: salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
If the acne spot is deep and inflamed, rub a thin layer of the acne product over the spot and on the skin immediately around it.

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