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I couldn't tell you exactly how Kendall got rid of her acne, besides seeing a dermatologist. If the pimple has already scabbed over if you picked it you just need to wait for it to heal.
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I have school pictures in a couple weeks and I'd like to know how to get my face free of zits!
I can tell you that her skin is practically flawless and has been for the past couple of years in person.

I also wash my face with Clearasil (sp) every night.Right now I've got a very noticeable, very red, little zit on my lip.
Yvette's reply: You're right, touching your face and popping zits without the help of a professional is not a good thing and can lead to more pimples or scarring. If you really want to do this on your own, read my instructions on how to pop zits the proper way here.There are lots of things you can try to get your popped pimple to go down.
You can put ice on the pimple - the cool temperature will calm the inflammation as well as the redness.For a more natural option using an ingredient from your kitchen, you can also try lemon juice, which has alpha hydroxy acids.
It may sting a bit at first, but it will help dry up the pimple.Or, you can pick up benzoyl peroxide (BP) from your local drugstore.

For emergency quick fixes and specifics instructions, download my free ebook here.Please note that these are all spot treatments for the occasional zit, and that for individuals who get acne all the time, it is recommended you follow an acne regimen or system to keep acne at bay.

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