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I couldn't find a topic on this, and i hope this is in the right area.I love wearing synth dreads, but recently everytime i install i get a rash after a couple of days. Ahh man that must suck Maybe leaving the very slight bottom bit out of the dreads would help? The hairs at the back are quite short, maybe 3 or 4 inches and i plait the dreads in instead of the blanket method because i have to install myself.
You could be installing them too tight?With the little hairs, you could shave them, or you could just leave them out of the install.
Thankyou everyone for your fantastic tips!I already have an undercut on the side of my head, so i really dont want to have another, it'd look terrible IMO. When I install synth for customers, I get them to sit with their chin to their chest while putting in the bottom layer. Roving the definitely the best alternative to synth dreads in terms of comfort, unless there's a wool allergy.They are a lot lighter than synth, they don't itch as much and they are more comfortable to sleep on. Just got extensions a week ago for the first time and have been experiencing this type of rash. I thought about shaving the back but the rashy bit can get quite far up, so maybe i should try looser or less dreads like you mentioned.
Now I leave a half inch to one inch space where I don't install dreads all around my back hair line.

I've just taken out my dreads because the itch was getting quite bad and I could tell my scalp wasn't happy! I never thought about plaiting the hair so i could wash it more often so i think i'll do that. This makes sure that the dreads don't go in too tight and leave the full range of movement in the neck. What's better, they don't unravel!Only problem, they are only good in moderate to cold weather! Shea ButterShea butter has antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties that can help get rid of an armpit rash.
Much better when it's warm, and it doesn't get as itchy (my scalp is crazy itchy) and I actually like the look of it. In most cases, this will prevent the rash you describe, which is a result of tension in sensitive areas. In most cases, this will prevent the rash you describe, which is a result of tension in sensitive areas.That is GENIUS! I can only think it's because the baby hairs are being pulled too tightly or perhaps the texture of the dreads?? I live in the very southern USA where temps are always above 90°F (32°C) from end of May through beginning of September.

Opt for loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers (cotton, jute) to allow your skin to breathe properly. Easily hidden when dreads are down, and can be hidden with head scarf or head band when dreads are up. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.
I don't think i've worn dreads for more than one or two weeks because of how uncomfortable it gets.Does anyone else get this kind of rash? I bought a tiny travel sized one to try it out but will definately get the full size tube when it runs out.
Avoid any fabric softeners.Stop shaving your underarms, which can ingrown hair and even infection of the hair follicles. If you have sensitive skin, dilute lemon juice in water and then use it on the skin.Alternatively, prepare a solution with 2 parts lemon juice and 1 part raw honey. Instead, try waxing or some other hair removal agent until the rash is healed.Drink enough fluids and water to help your body regulate its temperature.

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