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Cloth diapering isn’t that gross – I think we’ve just become used to separating ourselves from basic human bodily processes.
For someone who analyzes the long-term, I realized my son would be in diapers a fairly long time.
Truth be told, I spent close to $500 on cloth diapers, which is a hefty investment up front. We still buy regular disposable diapers for daycare and babysitters (Aldi diapers for size 3-5 and Walmart diapers for NB-2 and size 6 – Aldi wipes are awesome too). If we are using our wipe solution, we just mix roughly equal amounts of the following ingredients then pour it over cloth squares in an old plastic container (we just use an empty container leftover from disposable wipes).
Our usual routine during the work week is disposable diapers at daycare, a cloth diaper in the evening and a cloth diaper overnight.
Because we wash the cloth diapers nightly or every other night, we simply throw them into the plastic laundry bin, occasionally throwing in dirty clothes too.
When I started using cloth diapers I purchased Rockin’ Green to wash the diapers, as well as trying a bag of soap nuts together with tea tree oil for adding scent. Throw the diapers, covers and other laundry in the washer on the shortest setting on hot, to rinse. For the third wash, I pour a half cup of vinegar into the washer on the longest, hottest setting. I hang all of our laundry to dry – usually in the laundry room because we need the humidity in the long dry Minnesota winters – or hanging off of the deck in the summer because I hate the look of clotheslines in the yard. I’ve read that you should periodically boil cloth diapers on the stove to eliminate any stink. The biggest realization I’ve had about cloth diapering is that it comes down to convenience. My husband was avoiding using cloth diapers #liketheplague until I had a mild-freak out and gently reminded him it was his money too. They do not start to smell within that time period, and if they do we simply throw a load in the washer immediately.

I found Rockin’ Green to be a bit expensive (with shipping) and the soap nuts were a pain because I would always forget them in the washer during the rinse cycle. I usually dump a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Dawn in, to help strip the diapers if they are particularly stinky. Most of the stains wash away and if there is a little discoloration it is hardly noticeable.
Boiling diapers is also supposed to get rid of lingering soap residue which can impede absorbency.
We’ve put the cream in an old Desitin container, an old pill bottle, and in a small salad-dressing-sized Tupperware. The only way we can cloth diaper is if we simplify it so it becomes routine and does not add a lot of extra steps in our already-busy day. Do you cloth diaper? For example, when I feel guilty for not registering my child for swim lessons each season, I remind myself that when my parents were children, they could either wrestle in the farmyard or climb trees, but they certainly were not carted off to swim lessons every spring, summer and fall. Instead of wiping the nasty shtuff around with a dry-ish wipe only slightly larger than my hand, a wet cloth wipe is more akin to bathing, is roughly the size of a washcloth and cleans the skin thoroughly. We wash each load at least twice (usually three times), so there is absolutely no nastiness left behind.
My husband did take a liking to the tea tree oil though, and began pouring it into every load of laundry.
As far as germs, vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and after three washes – these diapers are cleaner than any other item in our house.
I avoid using a clothes dryer because the high heat and tumbling action of the washer is a little rough on clothing, running the dryer is a waste of energy, and I don’t have to worry about shrinkage when I hang everything. Luckily, I ended up using all of the varieties for a period of time, because they all fit differently and he grew quite fast. In fact, one time George had diaper rash and our pediatrician advised us to simply use a wet washcloth to wipe the butt, because wipes contain alcohol which is hard on tender skin. It was kind of cute because he walked around with his heavy-duty Carhartt work pants smelling like tea tree.

We don’t have a humidifier and in the winter months I would actually have bloody noses due to dry air, but I haven’t had one since hanging all of our laundry.
I honestly don’t think this shizz expires as we prepare loads at a time and it seems to be just as effective later on in life. Doing the math on my [large] child, almost seven months into his life, diapers were costing me nearly $0.25 apiece.
When my son turned twelve months old and was in 18 month clothes, I discovered the wonderful world of extra large cloth diapers and ordered a bunch of those to round out his collection. So if George ever has diaper rash, we just wet one of our cloth wipes and use plain ol’ water. September 27, 2015 by Kyle TaylorFounder 0SHARES Share Share Awesome deal!
I actually second-guessed the extra large cloth diapers but as it turns out, he’s been wearing those the longest!
We just hold the diaper by the end (the dry portion), dip the dirty portion in the toilet and flush. It is nice to zip up the bag and not worry about any smells, and we throw it in the washer to wash it out regularly. See, I religiously use gas coupons combined with American Express Blue cash back to save about $3.00 each time I visit the gas pump. That means, with, let’s say, an average of six diapers used per day, I would completely cancel out my entire gas money-saving routine within just two days. But, no matter what you do, you get to keep the free box of products.Good luck Penny Hoarders!

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