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Here, the hair grows inward into the skin invading them and there are several methods of treatment available for curing razor bumps. You should understand first that the process of shaving cuts the hair bluntly from your skin.
You can apply hydrocortisone cream after shaving which will reduce inflammation and irritation caused by redness and scarring. Irritating razor bumps can also be treated by glycolic lotion obtained over the counter in any drugstore.
Number of products is available at the store for treating razor bumps and redness caused by inflammation of the skin. Do not apply pressure but press gently on the skin with the blade to remove excess of hair. You need to prepare the skin prior to shaving so that shaving becomes less painful and pressure-free. You can also disinfect the area using a good product that contains fatty alcohol to give astringent benefits for killing the bacteria causing inflammation.
Some people prefer to remove the hair follicles permanently using laser treatment but this may cause discoloration and even scarring.
Razor bumps, also called Pseudofollicultis Barbae, can occur in any area that hair is temporarily removed by shaving, waxing or tweezing. One of the most common questions I receive from African American men deals with razor bumps. As every man cannot wear a full beard as well as James Harden or George Clooney, there are many who desire a more conservative look.
Here are a few tips to help put the bumps to rest and keep you smooth, neat and office-ready. Most importantly, be patient and remember that razor bumps are stubborn annoyances that can last for many weeks but in most cases will resolve.

Since razor bumps and razor burn are a consequence of hair growth and hair removal, these painful and ugly conditions can be safely and effectively controlled with professional ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal treatments.
SkinLaze™ technicians are trained to use lasers which emit a beam of energy that passes through the skin to the hair follicle.
It is marked by the presence of small bumps or lesions on the skin which develop after shaving the skin. For some people there may be swelling and inflammation apart from the presence of red scar.
African Americans are at risk of having razor bumps when compared to people living in other regions. Some people use sugar scrubs for exfoliating the skin which leaves a silky shine on the surface. Focus on looking “clean-shaven,” not necessarily feeling “silky smooth.” If using a razor can be avoided, use electric clippers to trim hair to about a millimeter in length.
If you must use a razor, use a single-edged razor and shave in the direction your hair grows. Softening and hydrating the hair allows the razor to cut the hair cleanly with less force causing less irritation and reducing irregularly cut hairs that are prone to becoming ingrown. Remove ingrown hairs by gently inserting a toothpick or sterile needle under the hair loop and releasing it. I often prescribe a combination of an antibiotic gel and a topical steroid or retinoid (Tazorac or Retin-A) for moderate cases.
With a little preparation and by employing consistent, healthy skin care techniques, you can stop them before they begin. Enter your information below or give us a call at (315) 670.4303 to schedule a free confidential consultation. Now, you can enjoy smooth skin without worrying about those painful and irritating razor bumps.Depending on the size of the area treated, ExpressLaze℠ treatments can be done in as little as 15 minutes and clients report that they notice those painful razor bumps start disappearing after just one treatment!

Doug Halliday, PhD, MD and the certified technicians at SkinLaze™ have invested in a variety of laser wavelengths which allows them to safely and effectively treat your unwanted hair, no matter what skin type you have. Normally razor bumps can get cured by home remedies but if you have severe scarring then you need to take antibiotic cream.
The bumps are nothing but tiny lesions resembling a scar on the place in which hair is removed abruptly.
Actually, the swelling of skin and scarring is the result of body’s defense mechanism to protect the affected skin. Hence you should not apply pressure while shaving; instead use gentle strokes for removing the hair. Try shaving your skin after a warm shower which leaves your skin soft keeping the pores wide open.
Try using the paste of aspirin pill for fighting inflammation which is beneficial in applying on bikini line or face. She is currently finishing a fellowship in Mohs, Reconstructive and Laser Surgery at Harvard Medical School. I did hesitate to order it at first, since I found it online and no one I knew had tried it.
The scientific principle called Thermo Kinetic Selectivity (TKS) makes this method of hair removal particularly effective.
Her areas of specialization include: skin of color, skin cancer management, Mohs surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
TKS makes it possible for the laser energy to “select” only hair follicles, while sparing surrounding skin and skin structures from damage.

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