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When your facial hair grows some time after you shave, they have a tendency to curl down and embed themselves into your skin, which results in really painful and annoying inflammation known as razor bumps. To make your facial hair easier to shave, you need to wash your face first with soap and warm water. The razor you use should always be sharp so it can easily cut your facial hair; if you prefer using disposable razors, you should get rid of them every week. Another thing you need to know about shaving is that you need to avoid shaving against the grain; your razor should go with the grain. After you finish shaving, you should take a small, rolled-up towel and use it to rub the shaved area using strokes that are against the grain. Aloe vera gel when applied to the affected area can help soothe the swelling and irritation; it can also help keep your skin moisturized so that it will heal faster. Other products that are proven to work against razor bumps are lotions that either contain salicylic or glycolic acid; even though these kinds of products are usually used to treat acne, they can also help bring down the swelling brought about by razor bumps. There are some men who despite being very manly, prefer to be clean-shaven rather than having a full beard; but if you have very coarse and curly facial hair, shaving usually means razor bumps, and with them also comes great discomfort. You do not always have to fret too much about the consequences when you shave your face, if you know how to do it right. While shaving can help us save a trip to the waxing salon, it can also leave us with unattractive, itchy and painful bumps.
Razor bumps or ingrown hairs occur when skin gets irritated after shaving and the strands of hair curl back to grow into the skin. Aside from that, you know what they say; prevention is better than cure, so take precautions the next time you want to shave your bikini line, legs or armpits.
Shaving often results in ingrown hair and razor bumps that are quite tormenting and make achieving clean shaves an overwhelmingly painful experience. There are different types of shaving creams available in the market and finding one should not be a problem. It is quite common for people to use the same razor for a number of shaves before purchasing a new one.
Shaving bumps can be very itchy and the skin’s sensitivity keeps your mind focused on the bumps.
Some razor bumps are simply a result of using the wrong shaving technique causing irritation. Sometimes shaving bumps keep appearing despite using all the aforementioned precautions and practices. It is necessary to find effective ways of how to get rid of shaving bumps fast otherwise they will damage the skins appearance and also expose you to a number of health risks through skin infections.
Also known as razor burns, razor bumps usually happen in men who have really coarse and curly facial hair, and when they occur they are usually pretty excruciating. If you think that it is safer to use a dull razor, then you need to think again because it can actually snag onto your facial hairs and irritate your skin. If you shave against the grain of your facial hair, it does give a smoother shave, but this also causes your hair to curl downward and cause razor bumps. There is no need to press down hard on the razor when shaving because it may lead to serious injuries.

The towel will pull on the newly growing hair so they will grow outward instead of curling back into your skin. If the swelling is moderate to severe, you can use an ice pack to get the swelling down before you apply the aloe vera gel. You should also avoid using aftershave or other facial products that contain alcohol because they dry up the skin, which makes it more prone to irritation.
With the tips mentioned above, not only will you know how to get rid of razor bumps, you will also learn how to prevent them as well. The hair follicles may then be infected with bacteria and cause inflammation around the area.
Dull blades will irritate your skin and cause ingrown hair while old blades may contain germs causing infection. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There are many people with such bumps and while some opt to visit the barber shop each time they need to shave, others have found effective ways to get rid of the bumps.
It is advisable to give your hair a little time to grow and allow the sores to heal before doing it again. Cream basically softens your hair and also makes the skin less irritable by adding moisture.
However, this only increases the chances of irritation and razor formation of shaving bumps. The clean surface also acts as a trap for new bacteria and germs since all pores are open and dry. It becomes quite tempting to pick and scratch the razor bumps although this only worsens the situation. Shaving on an upward direction for instance is known to increase the risk of bumps particularly because it is the opposite direction of hair growth. For such persistent bumps, you will need to consider treatment options and there are a few you can try out. It kills bacteria found in follicles, removes dead skin cells and frees the skin pores thus reducing both redness and inflammation.
Witch hazel, tea tree oil, Hydrocortisone cream and Retin-A cream are all effective products that will result in quick healing. Skin maintenance activities like weekly exfoliation will help to remove dead cells and open clogged pores to allow clean shaves. There are even some cases where the razor burns get infected and leave a nasty scar even after extensive medical treatment. After washing your face, apply a layer of good quality shaving oil on your face; the oil will moisturize your skin and make the hairs stand straighter instead of curling down into your skin.
If you shave with the grain, you force hairs to grow straight and out, preventing the onset of razor burns. Keep in mind that you are scraping the surface of your skin using a very sharp blade; adding to much pressure will definitely make it cut more than just your facial hair. You need to do this quite frequently, at least every couple hours or so, which is why you should use a small hand towel that you can bring anywhere.

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Since shaving is a repetitive requirement, it can be quite expensive if you have to see a barber shop each time. This causes redness and inflammation on the affected parts and also leaves the skin looking unattractive. Shaving quite often will only increase sensitivity on your skin and this promotes bumps, itchiness and inflammation of the skin.
Dry skin is the perfect condition for razor bumps to form and also increases the level of irritation.Choose ingrown hair cream meant for preventing razor bumps and not just any cream.
Using a moisturizing lotion will reduce irritation and redness while also reducing the risk of developing razor bumps.
It slows down the healing process and also exposes your skin to infections transferred from your fingers. If this is how you have been shaving, consider shaving downwards on the hair growth direction.
Learning how to get rid of shaving bumps using pharmaceutical treatments is not a daunting task. If you have really coarse facial hair, and you like to be clean-shaven all the time, then you need to know how to get rid of razor bumps, and also prevent them from happening. What’s more, you may not have sufficient time for such visits which can become inconveniencing and time-consuming. Bumps can appear on different areas including the facial, bikini area and legs among others. Once you are done shaving, rinse off with cold water to close the pores and speed up healing while preventing infection.
It is important to purchase from credible retailers who can guarantee safe effective creams.
What’s worse, using rusty old razors can carry a large amount of bacteria which gets transferred to the skin pores causing irritation, infection and ultimately razor bumps. Once more, make sure you choose the right lotion for your skin to prevent allergies and new irritations. What’s more, always purchase form credible licensed distributors and consult with your pharmacist that the product is effective and safe. It is important to learn how to stop ingrown hairs and there are various solutions ranging from natural remedies to ingrown hair cream and cosmetic products.When seeking to learn how to get rid of shaving bumps, consider the following tips.
Ensure your razor is sharp and clean especially when looking to prevent ingrown facial hair. If you are looking for how to get rid of shaving bumps fast, here are some known remedies but first, it is important to understand what shaving razor bumps are.

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