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Today I am going to share some tips on how you can reduce belly bloating and achieve a firm, flatter stomach. If you follow the bad habit of eating too quickly and not chewing your food properly, then pay heed. Nowadays, carbonated drinks play a vital role in our lifestyle and some people prefer such aerated drinks over lemon water, detox water or fresh juices. Many people consumes artificially sweetened foods and drinks such as sugar-free sweets, drinks, candies or gums which can cause bloating and even diarrhea. This happens because sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners are very difficult to digest. Foods rich in potassium like bananas, cantaloupe, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, nuts etc contain nutrients that act well to flush out excess liquid of your body. Probiotic drinks contain good bacteria that can be found in cultured milk products such as yogurt. Try massaging your abdomen in the direction of your GI tract : press your fingers near your right hip, slide up towards the ribs, across and down near your colon in a circular motion. Avoid eating bread, pasta or other carbohydrate-rich foods (that contain starches) as such foods cause you to retain water. Take your dinner before 8 PM and should you really have a snack before bed, have a really healthy and light ones. Take food and drinks that can banish your belly bloat like water with lemon, celery, watermelon, rosemary, turmeric, beans, lentils and yogurt. On some occasions, you may have perceived that your stomach is flat when you wake up and later during the day, it simply swells, and you have a bloated stomach.

Parotitis is the name given to inflammation and infection of the largest of the salivary glands known as the parotid glands. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.
The bubbles present in carbonated drinks (even diet cokes) can cause gas which gets trapped in our belly or even create a havoc on our digestive system.
Chewing gums might look harmless, but if consumed in excess, can also lead to excess swallowing of air.
Potassium-rich foods are anyway good for our health, so you must include these in your diet. This is regularly due to indigestion or gas and this can happen on both overweight and slim individuals.
Food prejudice regularly causes this sort of issue, so dispose of your food allergies in the event that you need to tackle this issue.
Besides, in the event that you have been making a decent attempt to flatten your stomach and no resolution is forthcoming, this could help fathom your dilemma. Inflammation results in swelling of the tissues that surround the salivary glands, redness, and soreness. Increasing saliva flow may be all that is needed to remove a mucus plug.You can help minimize your risk of serious complications by following the treatment plan you and your health care professional design specifically for you.

If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. But these tips will ensure that your tummy stays healthy and happy, without any tightness and without making any awkward noise. In fact, probiotic supplements can have numerous other benefits, so they are definitely worth trying out.
Salivary glands are responsible for producing saliva in the mouth, which has the important function of cleansing the mouth. Inflammation of the salivary glands reduces their ability to function properly and may lead to infections within the mouth.Antibiotic therapy is the mainstay of treatment for parotitis that is caused by a bacterial infection.
Additionally, if a secondary infection occurs within the mouth due to the dysfunctional salivary glands, antibiotics can be prescribed.
If complications such as an abscess occur, surgical drainage or aspiration may be required.

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