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Acne is a skin related trouble which causes tremendous itching, irritation, and inflammation on the skin. Though, you might make use of commercial lotions or medications to do away with facial redness from acne; however, it is recommended to go for natural remedies as they do not have side effects. It is suggested to exfoliate the skin with a homemade exfoliator regularly, so that the skin pores are unclogged and the dead cells of the skin are removed. A mixture of lemon juice and rose water, in equal ratio, when applied on the skin and allowed to stay on the skin for around half an hour, would naturally assist in getting rid of acne redness.This treatment should be practiced regularly for around fifteen days to obtain effectual results. Application of honey on the affected areas of the skin would help in providing immense relief from facial redness due to acne.

It is suggested to place a warm towel on the face after the application of honey, so that the face is able to absorb honey in a much better way, subsequently helping to deliver successful results soon. Thereafter, the face should be wiped in a very gentle way with washcloth and rinsed with ice cold water. Putting the ice cubes in a towel or a clean cotton cloth, and placing it on the red spots for around ten to fifteen minutes would naturally help in reducing facial redness. Rubbing fresh garlic on the red areas of the skin twice or thrice in a day regularly for a few days would aid in getting rid of facial redness from acne. All types of eye drops are enriched with an ingredient known as tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride that helps considerably to get rid of facial redness from acne.

Honey acts as an antioxidant, which would help in absorbing all the impurities of the skin and moisturize the skin.

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