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A turkey neck is simply when an elderly person (usually female) has loose flab or skin around his or her neck which tends to wobble when he or she moves. Keep a lean body mass, although if you were carrying extra weight and stretched the skin you now have loose skin under the neck so loosing more weight isn’t going to help. If you have vibrant skin and want to retain that youthful, healthy glow for life, or wish you looked ten years younger so your outward appearance matched your inner youth, NeriumAD products have you covered!
The NeriumAD product line is effective from the first application; however, you will see remarkable improvements in your skin’s appearance through continuous use. That’s why NeriumAD is an ongoing choice, a daily ritual, which will help you achieve youthful-looking skin. Are there any best creams for lightening dark in between thigh skin We will both agree that having dark or black inner thighs, from whatever the cause, is very embarrassing to in both men and women. Often women of a certain age wear alot of turtle neck jumpers to cover their sagging necks. People will associate it with poor hygiene or even previous infections from sexually transmitted diseases whereas this might not be the case. First, let us uncover the causes of this hyperpigmentation problem that affects a lot of people before we look at how to deal with this problem. My inner thighs are dark, what causes dark skin inner thighs?ContentsMy inner thighs are dark, what causes dark skin inner thighs?1. Diabetes and insulin resistanceDark inner thighs picturesDark bumps on inner thighs, dark marks and whiteheads10 Home remedies for dark inner thighs, how to lighten or whiten at home1.
As we are discussing each cause, we will providing quick fixes before we later cover on how to whiten or lighten dark inner thigh skin. Obesity People who are obese have often been found to have the dark skin inner thigh problem since their thighs rub against each other as they are walking or exercising. Furthermore, if you are fond of wearing very tight clothing, you will only be worsening this problem.
Therefore, wearing loose breathable clothing might help if this is the cause in your unique case.
Hormonal imbalance Hormonal imbalance is a common cause of black inner thighs to some women.
You can easily tell that the cause is hormonal imbalance if they darken during some stages when there is a lot of hormonal changes such as during your monthly cycles, lactation or pregnancy. Furthermore, if you suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you might have darker patches on your thighs or even your underarms and thus the common association of dark inner thighs and PCOS. Exposure to sun Too much exposure of your thighs to direct sunlight especially during sunbathing can cause not only darkening skin on your thighs as well as dark marks on inner thighs if you end up with sunburns.

Medication and drugs Some medications such as oral contraceptives have been found to cause inner thigh darkening. In case you are currently using some medications and this problem seem to be affecting you, consult your physician to be certain if the drugs or medications might be causing it. Acanthosis Nigricans Conditions This is a condition that often causes discoloration as well as dark patches on the skin including the skin on your thighs. No thigh gap To some people, this problem results from lacking thigh gap or having thighs that are so close to each other. Shaving with Razor & other bikini hair removal techniques Excessive shaving for those who are a bit hairy can cause inner black thighs. This problem is often for people who use old razors that irritate their inner thigh skin and thus darkening it. Diabetes and insulin resistance A common question often asked is the dark inner thigh and diabetes connection. Research has shown that people who are insulin resistant often suffer from darkening thighs.
This perhaps can be the connection.  You will suffer from dark skin around your neck, armpits and other body parts.
There are many other causes of dark skin between thighs which include use of skin care products and perfumes that might be reactive, aging, chemicals found in sweat, poor ventilation among others.
Dark inner thighs pictures To clearly get a glimpse on what having a dark skin inner thighs is, here are a few photos, images or pictures that will enlighten it more.
Dark Inner Thighs Dark skin  in between thighs with dark marks Dark bumps on inner thighs, dark marks and whiteheads Having dark bump on inner side of your thighs or dark marks on inner thighs might have nothing to do with having dark thighs that are darker on their inner side.
This marks or bumps might be caused by many other causes which might having nothing to do with inner thigh darkening. However, in some cases, dark marks or bumps can be caused by some of the above reasons such as shaving of bikini hair. Other causes of dark inner thighs with blackheads, dark marks or bumps include hidradentis suppurativa, folliculitis, abscess, molluscum contagiosum or warts (caused by STDs). How to get rid of dark inner thighs by treatments, creams, and home remedies While looking at how to get rid of dark inner thighs, which is the same thing as ‘how to whiten dark inner thighs’ or ‘how to lighten inner dark thighs’, we will cover it in under home remedies, treatments as well as discuss the good creams and general tips you can use to solve this problem quickly.  Basically we will be answering a common question I get online, ‘my inner thighs are dark what can I do?’ We will give you some of the best solutions to solve this problem. 10 Home remedies for dark inner thighs, how to lighten or whiten at home If you have this problem, home remedies for dark inner thighs are perhaps the best approach you should opt for. On the other hand, coconut oil is a good inner thigh dark skin lightener that can also be it can used to lighten dark feet, knuckles among other body parts. Furthermore, coconut oil will keep your skin moisturized since lemon can leave your skin dry.

Direction Add 3 teaspoons of coconut oil to juice extracted from a half fresh lemon Massage the skin between your thighs for about 15-20 minutes Wash it off using warm water before drying by pat with clean dry piece cloth. Tomato + Potato Juice + Honey Tomato and potato juice work well as bleaching agents that can whiten dark inner thighs or any other body part but they are particularly important for people who have a very sensitive skin. Direction Add half peeled and grated potato to tomato juice (same amount) before adding a few honey drops. Rub this mixture on your dark thighs gently Wash the paste off after about 5-10 minutes before patting it do dry with a clean piece of cloth. Almond Oil + Aloe Vera gel  Aloe Vera will help in reducing inflammation as well are repair your skin quickly and it can be used for people of all skin types.
On the other hand, almond oil, since it has vitamins E will help in lightening dark inner thighs. Direction Add a few drops of almond oil to about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel Massage gently until absorption into the skin has occurred Wash it off when it starts becoming sticky 9.
Honey + Orange Peels Going on with ways how to get rid of dark skin on inner thighs, using a mixture of orange peels and honey can be helpful since orange peels contain vitamin C that works as a natural bleaching agent. Direction Squeeze a half an orange peel into a teaspoon of honey to get its contents that are acidic Afterwards, grate the peel or prepare an orange peel power and add it to the above mixture to form a paste. You can wash it off as you are taking your bath Use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Sesame seed or sunflower oil can also be used to massage for about 5 minutes before you can wash them off. General tips to get rid of dark skin on inner thighs To conclude, here are some of the important tips, tricks and things to help you reduce darkened inner skin of your thighs. If you opt for the various treatments we have mentioned, results might be immediate but the procedures might be expensive. I actually bought it for my feet but it says it can be used in elbows and other parts of the body.
Anyways I decided to try it out on my inner thighs just because I was bored one day, and OMG it freakin worked!!!!
Anything stronger, you will need a prescription from your dermotologist – but anything stronger will make your skin flake. The Lady Soma Renewal Serum does not make my skin flake, and in about 3- weeks, I have way less dark spots.

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