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Another symptom can be sudden jerks of the legs when asleep, which is known as periodic limb movement of sleep. In some patients even opiates such as codeine have proved effective; and a boost with oral iron supplements is suggested for all patients. In general practice, much of what we see is hard to pin down and impossible to relieve with a simple prescription. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. How rid skin tags easily quickly, Skin tag is a condition that is considered to be growths of benign, common, or acquired skin excess. The exact cause is unclear, but therea€™s often a family history, suggesting genetics may play a role.

A heated pad or electric blanket have also been shown to be beneficial, although we are unclear why.In conclusion, I feel that you have found a semi-suitable treatment for your condition, but not the ideal one. Even if in the brief time allowed for consultation we do feel certain about a diagnosis a€” such as the patient with the uncomfortable bloating and intermittent constipation having a version of irritable bowel syndrome, rather than anything more sinister a€” what is there, really, to offer them? You might be helped by further assessment to try other possibilities, and hopefully your GP can consider these, or refer you to a neurologist or sleep clinic specialist who has the right specialist knowledge.
Maybe they do have fibromyalgia, but here, too, the options are limited.Often what doctors do is hedge. The fact is, we know far less about the exact causes of disease than we suggest.I also write regularly about the need for accurate diagnosis and good communication about that diagnosis, because nothing can be achieved in terms of relieving distress due to frightening symptoms until the nature of the problem is clearly defined.
Yet all too often there is no treatment thata€™s proven to be effective a€” when there is, then we are at the easy end of medicine, such as penicillin for a confirmed streptococcal throat.

At this point many GPs will prescribe something that is not an evidence-based specific treatment, but will prescribe a placebo. This finding has caused an uproar, but unfairly, because a placebo is at least proven to stimulate our own natural mechanisms of healing.
And so, giving peppermint oil capsules for IBS, for which there is slender evidence of benefit at best, is not a con trick, but is given in hope as it brings a degree of relief for many. She asked why I was smiling and I said that it works well because of the pink colour, and we both laughed.

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