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Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Whether it's a loud blast or a quiet whiff, or whether it came from pickled eggs or a three-bean burrito, farts don't stay funny for long. People will argue over who has the smellier butt-bomb, but the fact remains that everybody farts. Flatulence is an involuntary action, although it is possible to hold the gas until you're in the bathroom or you're sure nobody will smell it. Some foods like cabbage, beans, eggs, and sweet potatoes contribute a lot to the production of intestinal gases and smelly flatus.
Now that you know a bit more about flatulence, it's time to freshen things up after a big stink bomb. The best thing to do is to discreetly wave away the offending scent with a folder or an envelope, or to discreetly cover your nose if someone breaks wind inside the elevator. Some flatus gases do not decompose as quickly as expected, and may linger around in the air for quite a long time. If you work in a cramped office or if you're inside an elevator, discreetly spray a bit of cologne or air freshener to mask the strong, musky odor. For those fart smells that won't go away no matter how much you fan the offending odor out, you may want to use the time-tested remedy of lighting a match. When you light up a flame to get rid of that funky flavor spewed by your neighbor, you only need a few seconds of open flame to fully decompose the methane. When you drop your load on the commode, the water in the toilet acts as an effective way to trap odors. Potted plants and flower boxes are a great way to eliminate carbon dioxide, and help get rid of flatus odors as well. Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller Review: How to Get Rid of Pests without Poisons and Traps?
You know for sure (or you might have even seen with your own eyes) or you just think that there’s a dead rat or mouse somewhere. Being group animals like most rodents, they are able to flood your house and your backyard just in a few months.
You have to get rid of other colony members so that the problem of dead rat smell doesn’t come up again. It is difficult to do so, especially if you don’t know for sure where the smelly corpse is located (in the wall or between the floors) and you can only feel the odor. Did you know that the smell given off by the rodent’s body when it swells and exudes fluid can spread up to 300 meters away from the corpse?
Let’s start with the most primitive way, which uses things that are always at your disposal. Absorbents are helpful when you know exactly where the rodent’s corpse is but for some reason you can’t actually remove the body from there. Recommendations to use charcoal as an absorbent are found on many web sites, as apparently it will liquidate the nasty smell of a dead rat.
Nevertheless, other than having a positive effect on human body (this is true for the activated carbon), charcoal may truly help eliminate certain smells, such as cigarette, shoes, gym bags, cars and fridges odors, etc.
Air ionizers may be used as supplementary measure when eliminating the horrible smell of dead rodents. In most cases, the manufacturers assure that their ionizers are able to function properly in rooms up to 3,500 square feet. In addition, they purify the air in the room – removing not only such allergens as pet dander, pollen, mold and dust, but also various unpleasant odor. The first three measures described may be called half-measures, and so we have discovered some more effective means of fighting the smell… Fortunately, we haven’t had any dead rats at our place, because we started using an electronic repellent the moment we saw a first rat appear and after using it, the rat has disappeared.
But in order to collect some useful information for you, we have asked some specialists who deal with the putrid smells, chemistry and biology for advice.
Acetic acid (and other products containing it), chlorine and formalin are considered to be professional disinfectants.
This method is quite complicated, that is why we have found another proven product recommended by a biology professor. We have asked our neighbor (who is a biology professor) what the most effective way of getting rid of a putrid smell is. That’s why we’re going to move on to the second part of our guide and discuss how to not let any more rats in your house and what exact steps should be taken. So, we strongly recommend you to get rid of the putrid smell with the help of Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator and use an electronic rodent repellent at the same time. We live in era of Hi-Tech, and I think that the way to get rid of dead rats smell should be modern.

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There are many other colorful ways to describe flatulence, like the cannon from the colon, the sphincter symphony, the blast from the seat of your pants, and the anal beagle. The awful smell of farts lingers in the air, making a room an uncomfortable gas chamber of rotten scents and odors from the very bowels of the human body. Flatulence is a normal bodily function, where gas that builds up inside your digestive system is expelled through the rectum.
Flatus gases are mostly composed of odorless gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide. Depending on whether or not the anal sphincter is open or closed, some farts are silent and some farts have that characteristic buzzer-beating sound. Like any gas, the chemical compounds in flatus are very loosely bound together and dissipate as they flow through the air. Flatulence is a reflex action, and everybody accidentally farts in a public place every once in a while. The important thing to remember is that the repulsive smell of flatus gases do not last forever. The trick is to get the air inside the room flowing again, and either carry the air outdoors, or hasten the breakdown of the smelly gases.
A little bit of fragrance will go a long way; sometimes the very powerful scent of cologne or air freshener can irritate some people just as well as farts can. Flatus gases are quite heavy, and you can easily burn the methane molecules that carry the offensive sulfide molecules and the butyric acid gases. Pranksters sometimes expose a cigarette lighter or an open match to light up the combustible gases. You may risk serious injury to your bowels and your genitals, and you may also inflict burns on your bum. If you have a problem with smelly flatulence, or if you had one too many jumbo tacos at a Mexican restaurant, it helps to keep a few bowls of scented water to help absorb the foul stench. Mothballs are more than just for keeping fur coats looking and feeling fresh while stored away for the summer.
Lavender, roses, daffodils, magnolias, and gardenias are just some of the flowers you can use to give your odor-absorbing water bowls a fresh, perfume-like scent. A bit of sugar added to your water bowls can enhance the odor-absorbing capabilities of water molecules. Small floating candles not only look good, but they also help decompose the methane gases and foul-smelling sulfides floating around in the air. Carbon dioxide is harmless and odorless, although it does carry molecules of hydrogen sulfide and butyric acid.
While people eventually get used to the nitrous from the anus or the anthem of the rectum, the smell of flatulence is still quite an unpleasant odor.
If there’s at least a single mouse at your place, that means that somewhere there is its nest and more mice are to come. Rats give birth 8-10 times per year and each time a female rat is able to bear 8-10 rat pups. One of the ways which received lots of positive feedback is using Earth Care Odor Removing Bags. That’s why many charcoal deodorizer bags have appeared on the market such as Natural Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag. This is a huge space – and realistically speaking you have to understand that no single ionizer can cover such area, but it may be useful when trying to remove the dead rat smell. These are the most effective products for getting rid of putrid smell, as our pathologist pal has confirmed. That’s why you should be extra cautious, wear special rubber gloves and a respirator for working with chemical compounds. She revealed that there are products which help fight against the smell of cat urine and remove not only the odor of cat, dog or mouse urine, but also any other organic smells. The manufacturer claims that this spray will help remove organic stains from urine, feces, vomit and others, as well as organic smells. Electronic repellents are more effective for those who want nothing to do with the dead animals.
But I have no time to solve this problems, and I afraid dead rodents and I don't want looking for them. In general, I never saw rats at my house, but after very strong organic stink at my room, I read a few forum and found out problem. Having a dog is a great way to have a constant companion and prevent loneliness and boredom.  However, dogs can sometimes have accidents that leave your home in a condition that is less than comfortable, especially when your dogs are still being trained.

All you need to do is remove the lid and let the formula go to work to neutralize the smell. Yet as easy as it is to disguise the funniness of farts, it's quite uncomfortable and disgusting to withstand the smell of passing gas. If you don't have a thing for the didgeridoos from down under or the oboes from below, or if you simply can't stand the smell of a fart, then here are some ways to get rid of the offensive odor. The offensive odor in farts from a gaseous chemical called hydrogen sulfide, which smells a lot like rotten eggs.
Depending on the strength of the odor, most healthy people who eat a balanced diet pass gas that does not have an extremely unpleasant scent. If you overreact and act too obnoxious about the small accident, people may find that your attitude stinks more than the fart. You're better off hurting your sense of smell with a small fart than hurting someone's feelings with an insensitive joke. Flowers from your garden are cheaper and more effective at masking and deodorizing your bathroom than deodorizing sprays. Sugar increases the viscosity and thickness of the water, making the molecules more receptive to odors. It’s too naive to believe that a lonely mouse has got lost at your house by accident, because mice and rats are not individual animals – they come in colonies.
Moreover, the odor won’t go away entirely until the corpse is mummified or decomposed to the skeleton. Ground coffee is a quality odor absorber and can be placed in different parts of your house in order to get rid of the unpleasant mouse smell. These bags are simple to use - there’s no need to place them directly at the source of the odor, instead you can hang it above the crawl space and lock the room. Thus, if you use an air ionizers such as GermGuardian Air Cleaning System, a decomposing corpse of a mouse will cause much less harm that it could have potentially caused.
It is acetic acid or formaldehyde which neutralize putrid smell, be it a smell of a human or an animal decay. Judging by the customer reviews, this products works well with dead birds and toads, and so it must be useful against rats. They will take some time to work, since the rodents are often initially careful about new objects in sight – but such units are rather effective even if you have many rats. The ultrasound, which scares the mice and the rats utterly, will make these rodents flee your house and you won’t accidentally bump into a rat corpse and you cat won’t bring it to you and put it on your pillow as a gift.
Some gas may be released through burping, and the anus is the other end that the built-up gases from digestion are released from. Everyone is bound to have the Mother of All Farts at one point in their lives, and you never know when that bowl of chili will make everyone feel they need gas masks. While it may seem like a good idea, the concentrated amounts of methane could literally go ablaze. Do not place candles near shower curtains or bath products that contain flammable chemicals like alcohol and petroleum-based products. Once you've gotten rid of the smell from your body's explosion of the H-Bomb, it doesn't do any harm to look around for who did it. This is an emergency method and thus, ground coffee may be put in various locations, such as in the air conditioning vents, in the basement, inside the racks or cabinets. The odor will begin to decrease in the first few hours and will be gone completely within the following few days or within a week at most. We do not advise you to use such chemicals at home due to their toxicity and high risk of burning hazard.
It will also come handy in case if you have a cat or a dog (especially a kitten or a puppy) which may pee or poop right on the carpet while you’re out at work. Do not, under any circumstances, expose your naked rear to a flame like a bonfire, campfire, a lit cigarette lighter, or a match. If you enjoyed reading this article, you'll surely learn from reading how to get rid of flatulence. This is not the most effective means of fighting the smell, but it will be useful for the time being until you buy some more powerful remedies.
The manufacturers recommend using one bag for $16.05 for smaller rooms and 2 bags for larger rooms, since one bag covers only 100 square feet.

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