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Unskinny BoppyDIY, Home Decor and Interior Design Blog based in Birmingham, AlabamaLet’s Connect! Gus and Woodrow, our two 100 pounder Labrador Retrievers, have been outdoor dogs their entire lives. Anyone who has ever owned an outdoor dog knows that it doesn’t take long for them to begin to smell like a goat with a buzzard scented albatross hanging around it’s neck.  I’ve tried taking them to the groomer by myself, but transporting these two in a car alone is not an activity for the faint of heart. Young Living even has a great smelling animal shampoo that I definitely will use more often than once a year, I promise. I love my oils!  In case you are wondering where to get a bottle of the essential oil blend, I can sell it to you! If they didn’t weigh close to 100 lbs each I would adjust the number of drops and use WAY less for a smaller dog. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions about essential oils around your home and family.
Rest assured, my two labs are petted, vetted, exercised, shed and brushed on a regular basis, up-to-date on all shots and regular monthly meds, well-fed with a dog food that had chicken as the very first ingredient, free to roam three acres securely inside an electric fence and not caged up all day, crated indoors at night and in inclement weather, and clearly as happy as they can be, if you cannot see that in all the multiple pictures and past blog entries I’ve linked up to this post.
I hope this makes you feel a little better about the condition of my two “pitiful” puppies. Bathing a dog too often DOES cause problems and since their skin has a different pH, you should never use human shampoo.
Beth, I have a friend who has golden retrievers and the only baths the get are the ones they take themselves in the swimming pool in warm weather. Beth, I’m going to order some of this essential oil from you because our dog stinks to high heaven right now.
I’ve told Beth this before, but there was a time I looked down on people with outside dogs as well.
Anyway, biases tend to stick around until challenged, so props for a great story and the dialogue Beth!! I’d be cautious using oils on ceramic just for the slipperyness factory, but you could try a small area and test it out.
Merri Jo, I haven’t been a regular reader of this blog, since I just discovered it a few minutes ago on pinterest, (however, I plan to check out more of it now). I decided that I would try out some measures towards getting rid of that dog smell in between baths.
You can make your spray with a variety of essential oils, depending on what scents you like.
There is nothing worse or more embarassing than getting into your car on a hot summer day only to smell rotten old smoke. I have smoked in my cars for years and recently sold a car that I smoked in for over 5 years. Next turn off your car and take your rag and begin to thoroughly wipe down every surface including the windows. Fill your four bowls with an inch of vinegar and place one in front of each seat in the car.
After your car has sat overnight take out the vinegar and vacuum up all of the baking soda.
One thing I would suggest before purchasing any commercial products is that they either have charcoal or baking soda in them. Try the tips using vinegar and baking soda to remove the smoke smell in your car that we discussed and I think you will be more than happy with the results. Even if we were brave enough to admit it to ourselves, we are not likely to go to go to a doctor to ask for help. These little red berries have a reputation as being good for treating bladder infections, and they can help to treat vagina smell, too.
Sometimes the vagina smell has to do with keeping things too closed up, if you know what I mean. I usually post all kinds of quick and easy dinner ideas, breakfast recipes like baked oatmeal, delicious desserts, and even some kitchen tips, but I will warn you that this post has nothing to do with food! Yes, you read that right, this post is about how I got rid of skunk smell in my house and on my dog.
But I want to remember this information, so what better way to remember where the information is then to put it on my blog.
We woke up one night last week to our dog barking, more like yelping, quite loudly and wildly.
If you have never had this happen at your house, which I am assuming you have not, it is not pleasant. The first two ingredients from an alkaline peroxide that chemically changes the skunk essence into an odorless chemical.
We have had dogs sprayed in the past and used tomato juice and also tried something called skunk off.
Now I am assuming it absorbed the smell, but it could be that the vinegar smell over powered the skunk smell. Hi I wanted ti thank you for this cause it is nice to have especially me for iam dealing with a little stunker and his smell in my house every nite .Im so tired if this smell . There’s nothing like the smell of decaying rodent to make your nose twitch and your mouth water (and not in a good way). The problem with a dead mouse in your duct work is that the smell dissipates through your house when you turn on the heat. You can freshen your home by filling up some cups with white vinegar and placing them in various locations.
The issue with a mouse that has died under your walls or floor boards is that it isn’t often practical to rip them out to go on a search and recovery mission to find the little critter. If you think you know where the mouse is resting but you can’t get to it, another solution is to drill a small hole in the wall approximately one foot above the floor and pour a disinfectant or an odor neutralizer into it. The name says Fridge It, but this product can be used to get the smell out of many other parts of your home. To get dead mouse smell out of the confined space of your car, sprinkle a few drops of  wintergreen oil on a cotton ball and place it in the vehicle. Ozium is an aerosol product developed to eliminate offensive airborne odors in cars (and dead mouse smell would definitely make the list). I am a distributor for Young Living essential oils.  If you’re interested in buying any Animal Scents for your pets, you can click here to sign up to be a retail customer, or become a distributor and get wholesale prices!
That is certain not something I ever strive to do with my blog, so I apologize that you’ve been hurt over this. They are very well maintained animals, who mostly lay around the pool deck and sleep all day. They are doing just fine without a bath, and I was so excited to find out that this Purification oil worked so well that I had to share it!

I let the dogs have a spoonful of plain Greek Yogurt now and again to help them with their stinky breath. He said to remember that the gentlest human shampoo is way stronger than the strongest dog shampoo. If you’re not familiar with the breed, it can be easy to misunderstand, but bathing a Labrador more than necessary can actually harm it by removing the natural oils and causing undue shedding.
My experience with outside dogs was always that they were neglected, lonely animals who weren’t part of the family (or worse). Just wiping Topher down with a damp cloth didn’t really do much, so I looked into dog-safe ingredients that I could make into some kind of spray, and found a few options. I just spritz his coat and then rub it in with a microfiber towel, usually right after we come in from dog classes or longer walks.
Currently, she is a partner at Campfire Collective, a design and marketing group specializing in helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other creative businesses build a better online presence. I think that smokers and non-smokers will both agree that the smell of old cigarettes is quite disgusting. Although I smoke a lot, I wasn’t like my grandfather who would smoke with the windows up.
Smoke has tar in it and sticks to everything which is why you might notice your windows are a little foggy. I know your thinking your car smells like vinegar but it’s better than smoke and that smell will diminish.
This means it has an agent that will help absorb the smells like we mentioned above rather than just mask the odor.
Just about every woman on the planet has been concerned at some point that her nether regions are not, well, fresh enough. Try one of these remedies to take charge of the situation and you won’t have to be concerned with whether other people are checking out your funk, too. You have the choice of eating them in foods, drinking cranberry juice, or taking them in capsules if you wish. Since your goal is to banish the eww factor by getting rid of the vagina smell, this is a viable option.
Grab a travel pack and carry them in your purse for times when you don’t feel very fresh. If you have spent any time at the gym recently, you’ve probably noticed that you have felt kinda wet near your own personal Bermuda Triangle. You may be noticing a smell because you aren’t doing a very good job of wiping after you use the washroom.
He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas. And even if you do not need this information I am sure you will get a good laugh out of my story. And to make matters worse not only had our dog killed the skunk, all the dogs decided to play with the skunk, so skunk hair was all over the yard.
Not only did the inside of our house smell and the dogs smell, so did the dog house, the front porch, and the door mat on the front porch. I knew I had to take care of the dog smell, but I was also wondering how I to get the smell out of my house. The soap breaks down the oily skunk essence an makes it more susceptible to the other chemicals.Chemicals in this formula are harmless and can be used on people, clothing and pets. My dog chased a skunk this morning and luckily I don’t think she got a direct hit of spray, but between that and my hubby shooting it our house smells!
Mice are a headache when they are alive, and they are an even bigger headache when they pass on. Placing a Bounce sheet in your hot air vent can help to give you a fresher scent until the body breaks down and there is no longer anything to stink up your place.
The vinegar will cover up the rotting smell, but you will need to replace it every couple of days until the stink has completely gone. Even if you could get into a space to try to find where the body is located, you may not be able to find Mickey or Minnie Mouse where you think he or she is.
For best results, use a squeeze bottle that will allow you to spray the liquid in all directions in the wall cavity. This solution is very inexpensive and should keep your ride sweet smelling for several months. To find the urine smell by spray a little product onto the affected area and look for white foaming. Their stink has been completely erased, and I did nothing more than give them a spritz of water and essential oils.
Growing up in near-poverty conditions in Alabama (there’s a post in the archives about that) I have witnessed first hand many cases of true animal abuse. It really does work, so if you have any stinky dogs in your life I would be willing to mail you a free sample and let you try it out.
I have a lab who stinks to high heaven this winter (I live in WI so outside time for him lately isn’t much) He has gotten two baths since Nove,mber and that was only because he would be traveling in our car and we didn’t want to smell him for a 2 hr trip!
Forcing them to live a solitary life outside and wear shock collars is not my idea of kindness. You can avoid this by quartering or halving the batch you make, combining it in a smaller spray bottle, and using it in one to two sittings.
Even though these are safe for your pets, never spray your dog directly in the face, ears, or other sensitive areas. Also, it’s perfect as a carrier oil for whichever essential oil you use in the spray.
Even if you don’t smoke, we have all had the Aunt that smokes like a chimney and drinks 10 cups of coffee a day or maybe purchased a car that was smoked in.
Products like Febreze work to get rid of odors as it uses a chemical compound to absorb the odors similar to baking soda or charcoal. We’ve all heard the old joke about the blind man passing the fish market on the street and mistaking it for a group of young ladies. This guide will offer some helpful suggestions to deal with the issue of a pungent pussy and get you feeling fresh and confident once again. Drink five tablespoons per day, and remember to drink a glass of water after you are finished.
You’re bound to get that way just going about your normal activities, and the hair is going to hold the smell right near your pink taco. Just in case you are missing something when you visit John (or Lou as he is known in England), make a point of getting into the bath or the shower for a good old scrub down often. This disruption can cause yeast infections and decrease the ability for the vagina to fight off infections.

Today I am posting about something most of you will never need, in fact you probably really don’t want this information.
I searched the internet and found a few things for both problems, but then I remembered a friend telling me about a solution you could make to use on animals that had been sprayed. But by the next day when I tossed out the bowls of vinegar you could not smell either the skunk or the vinegar so I think this trick really worked. We left only to discover that the smell is on a few of our things (backpacks,purse, wallet, my shirt even though I never messed with the dog or went outside during the ordeal). It was very heavy in the kitchen worse in the dining room, continuing to get worse as we moved to the front of the house.
Our dog chased a skunk last night in our back yard when we let him out to pee and he got sprayed in the mouth.
All you need to do is remove the lid and let the formula go to work to neutralize the smell. If you have a radiator in the room, try cracking open some liquid room freshener and dripping it into the holes where the pipes go into the floor. Simply place the wafer close to the source of the smell and it will start working right away. Buy a can and plan to use it every time you get into your car until you can’t smell Mr. Dogs with mange, dogs covered in huge ticks and teats dragging the ground engorged with milk, dogs tied to a tree with a rope that strangled to death while trying to escape over the side of a homemade fence. But unless you have a prize winning dog these animals don’t NEED to be pampered and groomed every month.
I’ve met Gus and Woodrow in person and they are living the ultimate dream life with freedom to roam (safely), shelter when they need it, a pool to lounge at and a six year old little boy that keeps them very entertained (and fed with treats!)! My outdoor lab only was bathed when she rolled in the neighbour’s freshly-manured flower bed! One of the reasons we bought this current house that we are in was so the dogs would not have a single set of steps to walk up and down as they get older.
I am the first one to get all upset over animal neglect, but I can clearly see these animals are not neglected. I wouldn’t recommend making more than a 1 cup batch, as the shelf life of the coconut oil may be affected by its suspension in water.
Learning how to get rid of smoke smell in a car is easy and within a few hours your car will be smelling good. I tried a lot of different products and cleaners and no matter what the smell of the smoke would come back.
Next turn your car on and put the air on full blast and allow your car to run for ten minutes.
Not only will it help absorb the smoke smell but any other odors your car may have lingering. If you decide to use it with a tampon, soak it in the cider vinegar and insert it into the vagina for 30-60 minutes and remove.
If you’re feeling especially daring, forego wearing underwear for a day or so entirely and see if it helps.
It’s one of the best things you can do to combat the nasty possibility that you might have to deal with embarrassing vagina smell. The best ways to get rid of vaginal smells are to eat less meat and more fruits and veggies, keep the area trimmed, let the area breathe at night, and clean with water regularly (without soap because it also affects the delicate pH of the vagina, and it produces softer skin down there).
And from the smell of the inside of our house I assume a lot of other things outside got sprayed as well. She told me to place vinegar in small bowls around the house and it would absorb the smell. We did use baby powder on our dog since we did not have any tomato juice and that actually worked. All of my Co workers were making fun , so guess what I am dressing up for on Halloween for work.
Be sure to seal off any cracks in the area that are allowing the smell to escape into the room.
This is a safe and allergy-free solution to the problem of dealing with rodent carcass stank. It makes me want to curl up with them and take a nap like we used to do when they were little baby puppies. I’ve read that tea tree oil can be toxic to cats so please do your research before using essential oils on any of your animals. Our old house had a huge flight of stairs that they had to run up and down daily to get to the backyard. And if you are still insecure that your lady bits are producing smells, remember that it is normal for vaginas to have a smell.
I will have to try to vinegar once we get home- right now my husband has candles going until he leaves for work. Think about it this way, if male ejaculate was hanging around a man’s junk it would have a smell too. So, off to work I went and long story short I had gotten used to the smell but when I got to work comments kept being made by co workers.
This time around when we let him in the house we gave him an old towel right away to rub his mouth and face on which we threw away.
It’s disheartening that with real animal abuse to direct anger towards, that these to readers would write such comment to you. Then I bathed him with your solution and with the exception of his mouth which I cant directly get into he smells fine but the house still smells.
Brushing teeth, vet visits, cleaning of anal glands by professionals are all part of animal care.
Heck, my spoiled, regularly bathed, inside Labrador would be jealous if she knew of their life by the pool. I remember from reading your post that we did do the vinegar bowls the last time so I’m doing them now again.
I’m actually boiling some vinegar on the stove as well and this seems to work a bit better. Waiting for my kids to get home from work so they can tell me if they smell the difference since my nose is already used to the smell.
No, just different styles of care based on the needs of the animal, that should be addressed respectfully.

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