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Cherie Federau owns and runs Shrimpton Couture - an online boutique that carries luxury vintage, reconstructed pieces and couture. As a beginner, most people start at the thrift level, buying items that appeal to them and looking for cheaper alternatives to what is in the stores. Look for great stitching – it should be tight and finely done on the better garments. One Shoulder Dresses – find this trend first in spectacular 1940s gowns and then again in the 1970s, find a Halston one shoulder gown though and call me immediately – I am obsessed with them! The Wiggle Dress – look to the 1950s for the original bombshell version of this dress – the ones found form this era are fitted and seamed and darted to perfection! Metallics- look to the 1920s for real lame – the original lame is actual gold or metal thread that was woven into and around fabric. Jerseys – the 1930s saw the invention of rayon and jersey fabrics and these are the absolute best to be found. Remember that almost every new trend has an older, original counterpart often of higherquality and a smart girl can find it. My hands down number one reason for buying vintage is that it guarantees that you are the only girl in the room wearing that dress! My clients get vintage that has been gone over with a fine tooth comb, cleaned and leaves my hands ready to wear. Moth Ball Smell – this is sadly one of the WORST possible fates to befall a garment. The best thing to do is find a dry cleaner you can trust and who understands the rarity of the garment. Collecting vintage, just like art or antiques, can quickly take over your life so be forewarned.
I couldn't finish this series on saving money in the laundry room without moving from the washer to the dryer. In the last 6 months I have not bought a single box of dryer sheets; that was an expense that did not excite me.
I liked the softness and smell they gave the laundry, but did not like spending money for it. The instructions I found on the internet said to put the yarn balls inside of a pair of pantyhose or  an old sock and tie them off individually.

Then I tossed the whole thing into the washer and dryer with a load of laundry in order to felt it. She has been collecting vintage for over ten years and has sold pieces to museums, celebrities and thousands of fabulous girls worldwide. However, as you move up the vintage ladder, you quickly realize that, just as in retail shopping, the cost of vintage is highly dependent on the quality and the label.
However, I have a rule when I buy for the shop that even if it has a label it still can’t be ugly. They were so expensive to make that the modern versions cannot even come close to the quality and feel.
It’s the easiest way to stand out and make sure that you have something no one else can get!
Tell them to ALWAYS hand wash or spot clean your vintage garment unless they are absolutely sure it will take modern cleaning. Once you feel the beauty of a silk dress from the 1940s, marvel over the construction of a 1950s couture cocktail dress, die over the sexiness of a 1970s maxi dress and fully realize just how forward and modern a girl who wore that flapper dress in the 1920s HAD to be – well you are hooked.
In the 1970s an entire new generation of slinky jerseys came along and these were also fabulous. I have had beautiful vintage pieces literally fall apart on me when I have had it cleaned, or brought something home and found flaws that won’t pass my standards. And some fabrics will hold the smell and that smell will only come out when you are wearing the item and it heats up – most often this will be in public and under the worst possible circumstances. If you love a garment with moth holes, get it cleaned immediately to eliminate the possibility of further damage. The easiest way to avoid this is to shop with a dealer who edits and sells only the best pieces. Garments that start to shatter will get to the stage where they literally fall apart with the slightest of stress.
You can have some fabrics rewoven but it is expensive, so like the stains, if you buy it with moth holes you may be stuck with it as it is. I had to really pay attention to the yarn that was displayed - most of the yarn they carry labeled wool had some acrylic in it. As you can see in the picture, I first wound the yarn around two of my fingers - about 20 times - then slipped it off. You do not have to put it in with a load of laundry, but why waste the water and electricity?
These can be used for years and are supposed to be allergy-free, even if you have a wool allergy.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Overnight with Milk and HoneyItems required:Directions6. Certain labels are so rare and collectable that if you are lucky enough to have a shot at them you need to take it!
This makes it machine washable and, ironically enough, you need the kind that is not machine washable. I actually did this twice just to make sure it was not ever going to come undone in the dryer. I do believe that they made the drying time shorter, especially on loads of towels which seem to take forever to dry.
I once lost a spectacular sequinned 1920s gown early on in my career because I carefully hand washed it and realized too late that the sequins were made from gelatine. Bentonite Clay The healing properties of the mineral-rich bentonite clay have been used to treat skin conditions since times immemorial. When wet, the molecules possess some kind of electrical charge that removes oils and other impurities from the skin pores. Apply a thin layer of the paste on your entire face (not just the nose) and allow it to stay on for 10 to 25 minutes.
Wash the pate off with lukewarm water and finish off by moisturizing your face as you normally do.
Cinnamon and Honey Cinnamon and honey also make for a nice combination in as far as getting rid of blackheads on nose is concerned.
Honey brings in its proven antibacterial properties while cinnamon improves circulation which then helps to improve overla skin health and look. Wash the paste off of your skin after 3 to 5 minutes and finish off by moisturizing your face. How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Overnight with Milk and Honey Milk is rich in lactic acid which is touted to help keep the skin soft and firm while honey has antibacterial properties that are beneficial to blackheads. When mixed together, the two act as an adhesive and draw out oils and other impurities from the skin.
Using your fingertips, apply a thin layer on the nose and any other part of the face affected by the blackheads and then apply a strip of cotton wool over it. Allow some 20 minutes or so for the mixture to dry on your skin and then peel the cotton strip out gently.

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