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A wonderful way to personalize your Christmas decorations is by putting up stockings for each family member. 2.    Once dry, lay your sweater on a flat surface and create a sock-shaped pattern using the yarn. 4.    Look for fancy details left on the sweater like buttons, cuff edges and other designs. 6.    Using scissors, make small cuts on the edge of rounded sides to give them a better shape when turned right-side-out. 8.    Cover up any imperfections on your sock by sewing designs on or simply using hot glue to put them in place.
9.    To make letter cut-outs, draw or print the first letter of each family member’s name on a paper, attach it on a used cardboard box and cut it.

If you are still using polyester stockings then it’s about time to bring out the creative side in you. A book Christmas tree is an easy project you and your kids can get busy with without spending much. Stockings can be hung anywhere – above the fireplace, on the stair banister or on the family room wall. The freezing weather outside may make the kids bored in the house so here’s something they can do indoors and it doesn’t create a lot of mess, too!
All things shiny and sparkly can brighten one’s mood and add excitement to the surroundings. If you start sowing seed in February, March or April, you should have all kinds of leftover containers from recent holidays that could be used to make seed starters.

It’s delightful to see the kids sort through a stuffed stocking when they wake up on Christmas morning. Plus, you’ll be doing a good deed for the environment because you’ll be using recycled materials, particularly used sweaters.

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