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Poor ventilation in the feet prevents the feet from drying up, making them sweaty and smelly.
If formal events prevent you from moving around in the flip-flops, opt for canvas or leather footwear to enable your feet to breathe. The antiperspirants that you apply to your underarms can also reduce sweat production in the feet. Inserting medicated insoles in the shoes can inhibit growth of bacteria that feed on the sweat. Adding herbs with antimicrobial and antihydrotic properties to the footbath can alleviate bad foot odor and risks of developing fungal infections. To get rid of the foul odor from the foot, you can add eucalyptus, witch hazel, orange, rose or lavender essential oil to the footbath. Foot Corn Removal Home Remedies A foot corn is almost similar to calluses, but they appear differently.

Although it is more likely to occur in hot and humid weather conditions, some people are annoyed by the stinky feet throughout the year. Hormonal changes are believed to stimulate excess sweating in the feet and other areas of the body. You can try special sports socks with built-in ventilation that helps the feet to dry up rapidly.
The aluminum compounds present in these products clog the sweat ducts, obstructing transportation of the sweat to the surface of the skin.
Medicated soaps formulated especially for smelly feet are usually recommended for stopping foot odor. Adding sage tincture to the footbath or taking a footbath with tea prepared with sage is an effective remedy for smelly feet. The smelly feet not only cause embarrassment, but if left untreated they can increase the risk of fungal infections.

If you cannot go outdoors without socks, always wear socks made with 100 percent natural fabric such as cotton or wool. Some socks have antibacterial coatings that prevent growth of bacteria responsible for the foul feet odor. According to podiatrists, smelly feet can be prevented by not wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row.
For better results, after drying the feet with a towel, with cotton wool dab a small amount of surgical spirit between the toes.

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