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Painful sores in the mouth are called canker sores and can be caused by many different things. Step two: Dab the Q-tip on the mouth sore, for added relief, hold on sore spot for a short while. After eating high acidic foods, shake bottle of Maalox well and take two to four teaspoons of Maalox. Follow directions on bottle and always be sure to check with your doctor, before taking any medicine, even over the counter medicine such as Maalox. There is always a possibility that you could be allergic to ingredients in over the counter medicines and Maalox is no exception. Keeping Maalox in the refridgerator is a good idea because it will provide even more cooling soothing relieve for the mouth sore when applied cold.
Like spots on the tongue, formation of bumps at the base surface or at the sides of the tongue is yet another tongue problem that is not associated with any serious medical condition. Large bumps on tongue that extends to the sides and back of the tongue can cause sore throat. Due to various uses of the tongue such as tasting, talking and mixing food, natural bumps on the tongue can be affected and hence chance slightly change in the color or shape. Biting or scalding your tongue accidentally can traumatize it hence causing formation of bumps especially at the tip of the tongue. When the tongue gets in contact with some substances, allergic reactions can take place leading to formation of bumps at the side or back of the tongue. Oral thrush or candidiasis is a yeast development in the mouth causing formation of white spots on tongue. When the body is in deficiency of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B-12 and folic acid, the tongue will be the immediate organ to get affected. Mouth ulcers and burning mouth syndrome among some people can also be a symptom of mouth cancer.
Apply some sea salt solution or an antiseptic solution to the bumps using a clean cotton ball.

Spicy and fatty foods can contribute to irritation of the mouth and attraction of bacteria. Apply a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide on the white spots for at least three times a day using a clean cotton ball.
Frequently visit a dentist to examine your mouth and recommend treatment for any spots on tongue. Study various pictures to learn on how a healthy mouth should appear as compared to infected one. Symptoms that are persistent for a couple of weeks can imply a serious underlying medical condition that requires special medical attention.
Various pictures indicate that the problem can extend to the back of the mouth hence causing severe pain due to irritation and inflammation.
Though there is no specific treatment for this mouth condition, lie bumps can be managed using some medicines and pain killers.
Naturally the tongue is pink in color and when you see white, red, black or brown then something is wrong. Also when you clench your teeth there is possibility of soreness and painful bumps formation at the sides of the tongue. Oral thrush is also characterized by formation of bumps, swelling of the tongue and painful soreness. The diseases affects the blood supply and vessels in the body causing a brown or red tongue appearance.
When the soreness and pain persist, it is therefore a tongue cancer symptom that requires serious examination and treatment. Information on mouth care is also relevant in not only helping your prevent tongue problems but also seek relevant medical cure.
Always standardize on your mouth hygiene levels and keep off from chemical contamination that can contribute to your mouth problems. In the article there are also pictures to elaborate further on the appearance of this tongue problem.

In some cases bumps on tongues are characterized by pain, soreness and swelling of the pain.
Bumps can erupt causing blisters on the tongue hence risk of other infections such as mouth cancer. When the symptoms persist you need to consult a doctor for examination and proper treatment care. At the back of the mouth, there are also lingual tonsils that are round in shape and you should not confuse them for lie bumps. When you don’t take appropriate measures the yeast will multiply causing mouth ulcers due to rupturing and bleeding of the lie bumps. Major symptoms are the formation of white patched inside the mouth lining and on the tongue surface, bumps and soreness. Therefore see a doctor or a dentist for diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible you realize the symptoms. The syndrome is associated with other symptoms such as high fever, swelling of the hand and redness in the feet.
Intake of food substances rich with these elements is the best way of preventing and getting rid of the problem. People with concerns about tongue and mouth pain should seek medical advice from a doctor dentist or a GP. Whatever the reason, anyone who has suffered from a painful mouth sore will be glad to know there is help that will not only instantly relieve the pain, but will actually help heal the sore and when taken after eating acidic foods will prevent sores from returning. Patients with such a problem will find it difficult chewing or swallowing anything due to severe pain.

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