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One of the reasons of sore throat is a bacterial infection, which occurs due to irritating or inflamed tissues, burning epiglottis or infection in the tonsils. If your sore throat does not heal up within a week, then it may be a result of certain injuries and irritating factors, like a cut due to falling with something pointed in mouth, gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, yelling, pollution, dust, smoking, low humidity, and excessive use of antibiotics.
Cigarette smoke and certain medical treatments (such as cancer treatment with radiation or chemotherapy) may also result in sore throat. The superb home remedy to fix the problem of sore throat is gargling with lukewarm water, mixed with salt.
Raw garlic also has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, which can cure the throat infection. Strengthen your immune system by adding nutritional supplements, like zinc, magnesium, vitamins C and E, and immunity boosting herbs, like astragalus and goldenseal in your diet. Though, cold drinks and food are a big NO in sore throat, but sugar-free popsicles and ice-creams are beneficial in the sore throat, caused due to cold. The patient can also be given the chamomile tea as it helps in alleviating the sore throat by reducing inflammation and throat pain. Essential oils, like thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, etc.  can be inhaled to experience some relief. Make a decoction of Indian spices by boiling grinded black peppercorn, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and dry ginger in two cups of water for 5-6 minutes. Licorice root is anti-inflammatory in nature and is the main ingredient of many herbal teas.
Note: Licorice root should not be taken into a large amount as it causes low potassium levels and high blood pressure.
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Facebook Pinterest Scabies infestation occurs worldwide and is extremely common, even in our day and age. Sore throat is a disease that can attack anyone, especially for those who doesn't in good condition or in bad immune system. Sore throat is discomfort and pain in the throat that occurs due to the inflammation in the pharynx. The problem of sore throat is more common in winter season and this problem can spread to other members of the family. The problem of sore throat is very bad. There are different types of medicines that are organic and inorganic in nature available for the treatment of sore throats in the form of throat spray, lozenges, teas and tablets. This herb contains mucilage which converts itself into a gel with the addition of water into it. Sage leaves add flavor to many dishes and this will help you to get flavor from the food as you will get rid of the problem of swallowing the food.
The herb Echinacea is also known as andrographis.This herb is available all over India and in Asian countries.
Allow it cool and then gargle with this water to get an immediate relief from sore throat and pain. This herb was first time used by the Russian’s. This herb is available in the form of dried root powder and capsules. You can take this herb by mixing one tablespoon of horseradish powder, one tablespoon of honey and half spoon of cloves into a warm glass of water.
Cayenne Pepper acts as a circulatory stimulant and it is one of the ancient herbs for cold, pain in the throat and tonsils. The herb mullein is a very effective when you are facing chest congestion with sore throat. The herb myrrh has an antiseptic property which is used to reduce the inflammation of the pharynx. This herb is analgesic in nature which helps to get rid of the pain that occurs in sore throats. Tonsillitis (aka Tonsils) is a painful condition that causes the tonsils in the throat to swell up significantly. If left untreated, tonsils can lead to several other health related issues, with the worst case scenario being kidney failure.
Gargling the throat with warm saline water solution can aid in reducing the pain and irritation caused by tonsils to an extent. A glass of hot milk can do wonders in soothing an irritated throat and bringing down the inflammation caused by tonsils. Drinking vegetable juices can be considered effective when treating tonsils and its symptoms at home.

Getting rid of the underlying infection can effectively treat tonsils and reduce its symptoms significantly. The best options would be fresh carrot, cucumber or beetroot juices.
It is considered essential to drink plenty of fluids during this period in order to keep the throat moist and hydrated.
In fact, it is considered wise to stick to only liquid foods during the first few days of the infection. Turmeric contains potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that can take care of the underlying infection effectively, thereby reducing the symptoms of tonsils in the process. As ironical as it may sound, several individuals suffering from tonsillitis are actually requested to eat plenty of ice creams and popsicles in order to numb the throat area and reduce the pain, irritation and inflammation associated with tonsils.
I'm 22 n has a chronic tonsillitis which has been I hv taken drugs but am still not recovered upon finishing my medications.
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The bacteria that are responsible for the viral infection are Group A streptococcus, corynebacterium, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. The limitation with this herb is that it coats the digestive tract also which decreases the absorption rate of other medications. If you are taking it in the form of oil then more than twelve drops of the sage oil should not be taken.Gargles can be done with sage water by adding cider vinegar and honey into it. This herb is used in many medicines for the treatment of bronchitis’s, dry cough and sore throats.
When the air passage is clear then chest will be clear and problem of sore throat will decrease. The myrrh can be used for gargles and this herb in available in the form of capsule and powder.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Usually caused by bacterial or viral infections, tonsils can also cause other painful side effects like redness, appearance of white spots on the tonsils, recurrent headaches, sore throat, bad breath, ear pain, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, throat abscess, rheumatic fever, bacterial pharyngitis and even loss of voice etc. Apart from surgery and standard medications used to treat the condition, one can get relief from certain home remedies that would help to reduce the symptoms of the tonsils and deal with the infection causing the same effectively. The astringent properties of the saline water solution would also take care of the infection causing the condition.Mix a teaspoon of powdered salt in warm water and stir nicely until the salt dissolves completely. Adding a pinch of turmeric and pepper powder to the hot milk can be considered more effective.And adding a few drops of ghee into the hot milk would only increase its effectiveness in treating tonsils even more.
Fresh, homemade vegetable juices contain plenty of essential nutrients that would boost the body’s immune system and urge it to fight off the pathogens behind the infection that caused the condition in the first place.
This would in turn reduce the pain, irritation and itching experienced in the throat (caused by tonsils).

Relying solely on fresh fruit and vegetable juices during this period (in addition to lots of water) can help the system fight off the infection faster without aggravating the condition and its symptoms in the process. It also contains antiseptic properties that promote quick healing after an infection.Turmeric can be used in many ways to treat tonsillitis.
Eating an ice cream or two every day can therefore, be considered very effective in treating tonsils at home. Sore throat is the first warning sign of common cold, strain in the vocal chords or something more serious, like strep throat. It acts as a hypertonic osmotic and reduces the discomfort of the patient by drawing out water from the inflamed tissues.
If you do not have a humidifier at home, take a large bowl of water and place it in front of the radiator or heating vent. Prepare the tea as you normally would, just add crushed piece of ginger and boil for 4-5 minutes.
The hypertension patients are advised not to take this herb as it increases the blood pressure.
Boil one cup of water and add some dried leaves of raspberry into it and strain the water after ten minutes. This herb does not belong to the pepper family but named as pepper because of its strong aroma. Gargle with the resultant solution for at least 15 minutes until the throat pain dissipates.
Let the solution cool and rinse your throat with it at least twice a day for quick and effective results.
Follow this remedy every night for a week or so until the inflammation comes down completely. Stay away from sodas, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea as they can dehydrate the body and aggravate the symptoms of the condition. Honey on the other hand, is loaded with potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that would aid in getting rid of the underlying infection.Squeeze a lemon and extract its juice. In addition, Our in house RTB ensures optimum performance on your website in terms of both relevance and fill rates. Regardless of knowing the actual cause of pain or soreness in throat, we immediately rush to the doctor, but there are various natural home remedies that can easily fix and heal the problem.
A sore throat can also indicate someone is having an inflammatory disease of tonsils or swollen glands.Sore throat remedies using natural ingredientsThe most popular natural remedies to get rid of sore throat such as gargling with salt in warm water and drink warm ginger beverages. Add some warm water to the juice and drink a glass of it at least thrice a day for effective results. Instead, opt for warm water and fresh fruit juices to reduce the symptoms of the condition. Alternatively, a paste made of boiled and ground turmeric roots can be applied on the throat (the external area) to reduce the inflammation caused by the condition.
The risk of sore throat is generally higher in smokers, allergic, children, and people with bad immune system.
Drink 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach in the state (about 30-60 minutes before meals).Lemon juice with honeyA mixture of lemon and honey will soothe your sore throat well. These drinks can cool the throat and relieve pain while swallowing.Get lozengesLozenges will stimulate the production of saliva, which can keep your throat moist. Lozenges have antibacterial ingredients and more importantly to reduce throat pain.Honey Ginger Tea or TeaHoney ginger tea or tea can be a widely used to overcome a scratchy throat.
Honey coats the throat and serves to prevent irritation.EggsThe protein contained in eggs will help deal with the inflammation and pain in the throat. However, you should only use egg whites only.OatmealOatmel rich in fiber will help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.
The food is a mainstay for people in the diet has a protein content that is useful to recover the body. Add bananas or honey in a bowl of oatmeal.Boiled carrotsCarrots can cure your sore throat with nutrients in it, but they should be steamed or boiled first. Sage rich in oxygen content, flavonoids and phenolic acids can be added in a cup of hot tea.From various sore throat remedies above, some works but sometimes does not work, it depends on your sore throat condition. The best step is prevent it by improving your immune system with vitamin C consumption, take enough exercise, balanced nutrition and avoid eating too much foods and beverages that can trigger sore throat such as spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine and so on.

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