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While some people pay attention to the smell of sour milk or a general sour smell in their homes, not as many are concerned about the odors that come from an unclean sponge. If you go through this process each time you use the sponge, or at least every other time, you can follow it up by drying the sponge in the microwave.
Some people may think they can just rely on the hot water and dishwashing detergent they use.
It will help to pay attention to any visible particles of food that remain on a sponge after cleaning a surface or washing dishes. This sour smell can carry through a kitchen or bathroom and cause a very unpleasant situation. However, a sponge will retain smell-creating bacteria even when you rinse the sponger completely with hot water after each use.
But these steps won’t guarantee to remove the odors if you continue to use a sponge over a long period of time. What youa€™re saying about that person is aA telltale signA that some bad seed is trying to take root in your heart. Because sponges have a lot of pores that allow food particles and moisture to get in, they are a prime breeding ground for bacteria and mold that cause odors (and even sickness in family members). Food particles will find their way into sponge pores and mold will grow unless you use one of the above methods. You may also be able to keep the smell from spreading around the house by putting the damp sponge in a dry, closed container (after squeezing all the water out of it you can).

A Hebrews 12:15 tells us how to recognize bad seed when it begins to produce destructive fruitA in our lives. This may cost a few pennies more over time but it can prevent bad smells and potential illness.
It says,A a€?a€¦lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble youa€¦.a€? The words a€?springing upa€? are from the Greek wordA phuoo. The sponge should stay “fresh” longer and give you more service without contributing to odors in the home. Be careful not to create odors within the microwave by drying a sponge that is heavily contaminated with bacteria or mold.
It isna€™t a large plant yet; rather, ita€™s a small seedling that is just breaking through the soil and starting to peek out at the world. Instead, it grows a little here and a little there until it finally becomes a huge, ugly growth that defilesA our entire lives.
Bitterness usually starts peeking up out of the depths of our souls in the form of negativeA thoughts about another person or a sour, sharp, distrusting, cynical attitude toward someoneA who has offended us. It refers to something inside that bothers and upsets you so much, you are constantlyA pesteredA by thoughts about it. Ita€™s too painful, too hurtful, and costs you too much in your walk with God.A So if you find yourself constantly saying something derogatory about someone else, pay attentionA to whata€™s happening!
That is aA tell-tale sign that some bad seed is trying to take root in your heart that could potentially grow into a major issue that hassles your whole life.

Even though I dona€™t like what they did to me, I have no right to be bitter and resentful.I realize now that I am acting just as ugly inwardly as they acted outwardly.
To the best of my ability, I turn right now from the wrong thoughts that have been consuming me, and I choose instead to speak well of those who have offended or hurt me. Goda€™s Spirit lives in me, and He doesna€™t allow me to keep living with wrong attitudes in my life. Because my mind and emotions arecontrolled by the Spirit of God, I think only positive thoughts about those who are near or around me.
Is there one particular person or group of people you find yourself constantly speaking badly about? Would you have to honestly admit this bitterness or unforgiveness has affected the level of joy you once experienced in the Lord? Ita€™s difficult to be filled with joy when you are a€?eaten upa€? on the inside with negative thoughts about someone else.

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