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As your feet sweat, certain bacteria thrive on them, eventually leading to bad odor, hence causing your feet to stink awfully. There are certain over the counter products available to deal with the problem of sweaty and stinky feet; but there is no guarantee if these products would work in all the cases. The first and foremost step that should be followed by all the people having stinky and sweaty feet is to clean the feet at least twice in a day with an antibacterial soap. The problem of stinky feet can be fought in an effectual way with the aid of washing the feet with antioxidant enriched tea. It is recommended to keep changing the shoes every other day, so that your feet get adjusted to all kinds of shoes you have, and do not produce a bad odor. Drinking sufficient amount of water every day is a very good way to fight with any kind of body odor, including the odor of the feet.

It is suggested to spray the feet with an antiperspirant on regular basis to prevent stinky feet.
Taking bath with a mix of water, baking soda, and vinegar would prove to be of tremendous help in providing relief with respect to stinky and sweaty feet.
Dusting the feet with cornstarch twice in a day would aid in preventing the feet to produce bad smell.
Though, it is not always necessary for sweaty feet to stink, however, in most of the cases it is a common problem. Let us here discuss about a few effective tips of dealing with the problem of stinky and sweaty feet.
Green tea is a perfect example which is packed with numerous antioxidants, thus helping to fight against the bacteria thriving on the feet in an amazing manner.

It is recommended to wear socks made of cotton material, as they absorb the sweat easily, thus preventing the feet to stink. It is suggested to rub the feet with any of these natural juices to fight against stinky feet. The feet would feel quite relaxed with the aid of baking soda based bath, and the foot odor would also be eliminated. A few people may simply ignore the problem; however, some people may take it seriously and try to find effective measures to deal with the problem.

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