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If the plywood is under a carpet or a sub floor, it will require removing the carpeting before it can clean. Urine, whether human or animal, has a strong odor that lingers even after absorption into a surface area. The smell of human and animal urine is strong and unpleasant, and when your bathroom smells of urine, it is both frustrating and embarrassing. Step 1Look closely at all the surfaces in your bathroom, especially near and behind the toilet. Step 4Clean your toilet thoroughly with a stiff toilet brush, being careful to get up under the rim.
Whether the urine smell comes from a pet dog, a cat or even a baby, the smell can get worse over time and often stinks up the entire area.

If you have a cat litter box in your bathroom, look at the walls and floor near the litter box. It is possible that urine has seeped under the carpet, tile or vinyl and into the subfloor. If the urine has dried on the floor, such as might happen if a cat were to pee on the floor while the family was out of the house, get the paper towel wet and remove as much of the dried urine as possible.
If you can discover the cause of a stinky bathroom, you can remedy the situation more quickly. Alternately, use a product made expressly for breaking down pet urine, which might be a better choice if you have a carpeted bathroom. If this step works to remove the urine smell from the bathroom, simply clean all the surfaces of your bathroom on a more frequent basis.

If you cannot replace the sub floor, use a sealant such as Kilz on it, and replace the floor covering.
This will remove any remaining urine from the plywood and work the baking soda over the area for better odor removal. The Fly Lady Network also recommends that if urine has seeped into the floor from the walls, you may need to paint the walls with Kilz as well and repaint your bathroom.

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