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If it’s just a musty smell without evidence of mildew, like powdery looking coatings or downy looking puffs of white or green, airing out your tent is usually enough to resolve the issue. When your tent gets an extra coating from nature, however, it requires more than just an airing out. You might find that when you try a mildew killing measure like this there’ll be spots where protective coatings have worn off.
Assemble your tent and open the windows without rolling up the window fabric and let it sit in a well ventilated, shady spot on a dry day.

It was raining the whole weekend at the campsite and by the time you got home, you were cold and tired. Even the smallest amount of mildew can make it unbearable to use your tent because of the smell. We’re sure that most of the tents in the photo reached the end of the road after flooding. Follow the directions for mildew removal, let it air dry, and then spot treat any areas left with solution made with 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of lemon concentrate, and a gallon of water.

While we always start out with the best of intentions, sometimes it’s good to know what to do when things go wrong.

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