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High iron in the water causes rust stains all over the house: toilets, sinks and bathtubs especially. Wad up the pantyhose and use it as a scrub to get rid of deodorant stains on black clothes.
If you’re going to break in a new pair of shoes, rub some Vaseline on the sides of your feet to prevent chafing. That's why we've been storing up little tricks and tips to help make all that washing and drying a little easier.
The union suit — basically a men’s onesie — has been a classic garment since the 19th century, but it acquires a sexy updating in this version from 2(x)ist with Tartan print trim. Whether you’re gifting a recent grad or an office professional of long-standing, you can’t go wrong with an elegant pen, especially one from prolific designer Karim Rashid. The men’s fashion set — pocket square, bowtie, ring and cufflinks — completes a gentleman’s wardrobe like few matching pieces can, as this quartet of designer duds from Dubal Bros. Christmas is the season of liqueurs, and nothing feels more soothing than a refreshing amaretto sour from the granddaddy of them all, Disaronno. We all have a favorite pair of jeans or slacks that, much as we like to think still fit us, have mysteriously shrunk (it can’t be all those Sprinkles cupcakes you’ve been eating). The Thompson Tee has long made sweat-proof undershirts to provide comfort and protection without staining, but it’s taken its protection a step further to help the environment.

If you like to tend to your choppers with an electric toothbrush, chances are Oral-B and Sonicare are the names you know. Bathrooms and showers are the perfect environment for such molds to grow, especially shower curtains and walls. I usually use medical tape (available at most pharmacies) because it doesn’t have sharp edges like regular Scotch Tape. Spray your clothes with face mist (or you can use a spray bottle filled with water) to lessen the stench. As soon as the bottom of the basket is in sight, someone dumps a soccer kit and twelve towels in there. To get rid of grease stains: Rub the grease with a stick of blackboard chalk to absorb it, then launder as normal. To remove sweat stains: Mix two crushed Aspirin tablets with a little warm water and soak the stains for four hours before washing as normal. Give black jeans or fabric a new lease of life by popping two cups of black tea into the fabric softener drawer.
Throw in a business card carrier, and you’ve helped make an office drone look — and feel — like a mover and shaker. Well, look no further than here, as we sing the praises of Spunk, which sells a glycerin-free version of their popular product, making for a non-staining, Latex-safe lube in a fun pink color.

The Fly Tie and Perfect Fit by Kevel, though, allow you to surreptitiously extend that waist (and keep that defective fly up where it belongs) so you get more wear out of that pair. That’s why we’re especially entranced by the Ten Year Journal, a leather bound volume organized so that you can start it at any date and keep a complete record of your life for a full decade … even during a power outage.
The new Slim Fit tee not only slims and keeps away perspiration stains, it’s eco-friendly, made of 95 percent micro bamboo fibers (and five percent Spandex) for a flattering look that’s also green … although it’s only available in black or white. Instead, put half a cup of baking soda into the machine with your washing powder and add half a cup vinegar to the rinse slot.
In addition to its sleek look and design, the ergonomic handle fits as comfortably in your hand as it does your mouth, while its two settings (up to 8,800 oscillations per minute) will remove plaque and buildup with ease. The spores in mold can cause health and respiratory problems and should be removed as soon as you see them.
But if you wanna help a friend get rid of his the way Tom Cruise did, don’t give him a divorce lawyer — buy him Boots No7 Hydrating Shave Kit for men. This all-in-one package includes anti-friction shave gel, post-shave recovery balm, energizing face wash and the exclusive Boots 3 razor to keep those whiskers under control.

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