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Edema is a form of swelling resulted by excess fluids trapped within the tissues of the body. You just need to add 1-2 teaspoon of the unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar to one glass of water. Alternatively, you could soak a soft cloth into the mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar which are mixed in equal amounts.
Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, tea tree oil could help decrease your pain and swelling caused by edema. It is shown that the components namedA alpha-terpineol and terpinen-4-ol in tea tree oil could regulate edema.
In order to treat edema because of insect stings and bites, you can put several drops of tea tree oil on the cotton swab and then apply it over your affected skin area. If you have a mild edema case, you can add several drops of tea tree oil to any oil carrier and then use it to massage your affected area using the outward strokes.
However, remember that if your condition is because of pregnancy, you should have your massage done by a professional therapist specializing in prenatal massage.
To take advantage of parsley more effectively, you can consume more parsley by adding it to soups, salads, sandwiches or any other dishes. The coriander seeds are beneficial when it comes to tips on how to get rid of edema in legs. Alternatively, you massage your affected area with the flaxseed oilA several times per day. When it comes to home treatments for edema, exercise along with physical activities plays an important role. You should move the muscles in your affected parts of the body as much as you could to help dissipate the fluid out of your tissues.
For the best result, you had better consult your doctor about what exercise you could do to reduce swelling and pain. According to health professionals, consuming less than 2,300 mg of sodium (approximately 1 teaspoon of salt) every day is safe for edema sufferers.
In addition, consume fruits and veggies rather than canned or fried ones, which usually include added salt for preserving freshness and color. After learning top 11 simple but effective tips on how to get rid of edema in legs fast and naturally, hope that you have learnt something useful for your own case.
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By lifting your feet on a cushion or chair so you can accelerate blood circulation inside the legs. Too much salt can cause fluid retention, which in turn will accelerate the swelling or edema. Foods that are high in sugar will lead to the secretion of insulin, which in turn will lead to the fluid retention. Sports causes dilation of blood vessels which will expedite the flow of blood to the heart. Natural diuretics such as leeks, garlic, beets, and a variety of green vegetables can help to remove build-up fluid inside the leg tissue. Two ladies tell us about how they triumphed over varicosities with Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT). Patients may return to daily activities immediately after the procedure with a relatively pain-free recovery period. Although varicosities may appear to afflict mostly the middle-aged, especially women, young people can also suffer from it as it is often hereditary. Saroja had previously undergone a ligation and stripping treatment to treat her varicose veins in 1996, when there was swelling on one side of her leg.
A retired government officer, Saroja said the condition of the bulging veins worsened, until she noticed ulcers around her ankles. Although she had been advised to put on compression stockings to ease the pain, the discomfort was simply too severe.

On the day of the surgery, Saroja was accompanied by her husband to Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.
With no more heavy ‘elephant legs’, ulcers or itchiness, Saroja expressed her gratitude for Dr. EVLT is the latest alternative to the traditional vein stripping procedure – which requires hospitalisation, general anaesthetic and healing time from incisions and stripping. Procedure: A catheter is placed inside the vein using local anaesthetic with ultrasound guidance. Water retention in the body can cause problems and  may be responsible for a lot of extra weight on the scales.
So  to be able to get rid of it a find a water retention cure, there are some simple things you may be able to try first.
There are many triggers to pitting edema, sometimes it can be just a few bad choices in your diet.
It is rich in potassium, thereby helping replenish potassium levels in the human body and relieve fluid retention. Having a bath with Epsom salt will help you relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain resulted from edema. You should apply this method twice per day for several days till your pain and swelling disappear.
Gentle strokes of massage will create pressure on your affected skin as well as muscle areas, thereby activating the lymphatic system and the fluid will drain away as a result. Also, it has a high content of potassium, helping balance out the level of sodium within the human body.
Using flaxseeds will reduce your swelling, aid in detoxification, meaning they help you get rid of harmful toxins. Generally, physical activities could help in preventing and reducing the intensity of edema symptoms.
Fact is, high amounts of salt or sodium intake will contribute to you water retention within the tissues.
Nevertheless, it is better to talk to your doctor about the specific amount of sodium you can take daily.
Apply some of these remedies at the same time to get better result in a short period of time. Edema is accompanied by other symptoms can cause a variety of serious effects that should not be overlooked. Several factors of edema are poor circulation, drugs, liver disease, kidney disease, eating too much salty food, and pregnancy.
However you should not apply a cold compress over 20 minutes as it can lead to a temporary freeze on the fluid inside your legs. The cause is due to lack of water can force your body to push back the water into the tissues of the foot, thus encouraging swelling. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Lee, the common symptoms of varicosities include aching pain that may get worse after sitting or standing for a long time, heaviness, cramps, tingling, itching, unsightly veins and swelling. Her varicose veins caused Amy considerable physical distress, and had been bothering her for four years. The compression stockings were uncomfortable, especially when worn in Malaysia’s hot climate.
She was required to wear the compression stockings for only two weeks, and is now free from stockings. EVLT is an in-office procedure, performed under local anaesthesia, that takes about an hour, is very safe and virtually painless. Inside the catheter, a laser fibre is threaded which, when activated, can close the vein from the inside. It will also cause the appearance of swollen legs, arms and a horrible bloated feeling throughout.

To some folks,  it can prove to be more than just a simple nuisance and may even be quite debilitating.
Before you try your own pitting edema treatment, speak with your doctor first to make sure it is not diabetes or lymphedema which are the underlying causes. It may also be triggered by poor peripheral circulation, or from fluid retention as a result of kidney disease. Edema could be a consequence of a temporary condition like during pregnancy or after an injury. Furthermore, thanks to its anti-inflammatory property, it can help decrease pain and swelling. It is shown that parsley comes with diuretic effects and evens help block the re-absorption of potassium and sodium. On other hand, do some yoga every day to help enhance your blood circulation and prevent further symptoms of edema. Furthermore, excessive consumption of fat could interfere with the healthy function of the gall bladder, liver, and digestion, which could worsen the condition of edema.
Yet, if after following these tips, your condition has not been improved yet, you should see a doctor for professional help. Edema can also cause discomfort and embarrassment, especially if the people around you see it. Not only are they unsightly, varicose veins, if not treated, can lead to many complications. Amy, a public speaking coach, never thought that the swelling on her legs would turn out to be varicose veins.
Lee explained that the condition would have been less severe if she had sought treatment earlier. However, due of the effects of gravity, the fluid more commonly appears as painless swelling in the lower legs. There are some more common treatments that those with edema of the legs can try to help alleviate the symptoms; however, tackling the root  cause of the swelling will lead to the best results. Those who have a tendency to  stand or sit all day or for long periods of time may suffer from leg swelling. Edema could also be the result of kidney, heart, or liver disease, or it could be a secondary effect of a medication. Fortunately, with advancements in technology today, treatments for varicosities do not require a hospital stay or a long, uncomfortable recovery. After getting a better picture of how the treatment actually works, Saroja’s husband, Raja, realised that this could be the ultimate solution to his beloved wife’s vein problem. Lee, Amy felt relieved that there was a less invasive solution (Endovenous Laser Treatment) to treat her varicose veins. A Edema itself is not harmful, yet as it could be a sign of underlying conditions, you need to have it checked by a professional. Risk factors for varicose veins include obesity, female sex, inactivity and family predisposition. Patients may return to daily activities immediately after the procedure with a relatively pain-free recovery period,” explains Dr. They occur due to weakness in the wall of veins as a result of which they dilate and become tortuous. However, if the condition tends to not disappear, it should be treated by either medications or home treatments.
Before reaching out for drugs or medications, you should consider using some natural treatments which will help you relieve your problem with ease.
The following tips on how to get rid of edema in legs fast and naturally will give you some of the most effective methods.

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