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Tension headache is brought about by stress, so if you get rid of the stress that you are feeling, then the tension headache will go away with it. There are oral analgesics that you can consume if you think you can fight off the headache without getting some rest. If you are really struggling to get rid of your pain, try rubbing your temples.  And if someone else is around, have him or her massage your back, neck, shoulder or head.
Often, I develop a headache when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.  Your body has to rest!   Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of headaches and it is so simple to fix.  Find about 30 minutes to spare in your schedule and nap! This may sound odd, but simply laying down, focusing on my breathing, and listening to some soft music helps relieve my headache pain (particularly tension headaches). My neck seems to get tight when I have a headache, so placing heat on the back of my neck can alleviate pain. Always see a qualified medical professional if you have questions or concerns!  Want to know more about headaches and their causes? If the tension headache kicks in, it is better that you stop what you are doing; tell your boss you need to rest or get permission from the teacher so you can visit the clinic or go home.

If you are being bothered by worries and problems, go out to a clean place where there are lots of trees. If you have lots of tasks to do and you cannot take a break, you can get oral medications like paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin. While headaches generally are just simple painful sensations in the head, if you constantly suffer from it, then maybe there is something wrong with your health. Neck range of motion stretches (chin toward each shoulder, upward, and forward) and shoulder shrugs (shrug up, up and forward, and up and back) can help. The human brain can only take so much strain and once it has exceeded the threshold that a person can take, expect an excruciating headache. Tension headache is usually characterized by constant throbbing inside the head that feels like it is running through the brain down to your neck and also around your eyes. Be sure to take the medicine which you are used to and have the fastest reaction with your body so you can get rid of the tension headache as soon as possible. Massages are great for temporary relief.  Don’t expect your headache to disappear immediately.

But this tension headaches not only comes from a pile of work to finish, even just constant worrying and thinking about problems can cause a person to be very stressed and this can result to tension headache.
Full body massage does not just relax your head but your overall body, so you can feel less tension or stress. Repeat this for even just 5 minutes and that tension that you are feeling, together with the headache, will leave your body. SO if you have tension headache, you better treat it right away so you will not suffer for long. Also, massaging peppermint oil on your temples and the back of your neck can provide immediate relief.

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