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Rogue Planets are planets that do not orbit a star and float through the emptiness of space. 300 million years ago a dragonfly lived called Meganeura and had a wingspan that was over 2 feet wide. Certain varieties of oranges that grow close to the equator are actually green even when fully ripe.
The Tunguska Event occurred in 1908 when an asteroid exploded about 5 miles above the Earth’s surface.
The Zanclean Flood occurred 5.3 million years ago and is what refilled the Mediterranean Sea after it had been cut off and dried up.
Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela regularly experiences more lightning than any other place on the planet. Speaking of lightning, a single bolt of lightning has enough power to toast 100,000 pieces of bread. Prostate herbal treatment for home use is formulated by herbs used in prostatectomy treatment in our surgery center, the unblocking herbs are the most important ingredient of the prostate herbal treatment. Prostate herbal treatment must have efficacy on several areas so that the treatment effect is efficient.
Prostatitis is a commonly encountered disease, and is usually caused by urethritis, spermatocystitis, or epididymitis.
However, prostatitis is classified in the categories of suspended yang-carbuncle, white evil, white turbidity, seminal turbidity, grease strangury, fatigue strangury, kidney deficiency induced lumbar pains.
Major symptoms: Sudden onset, persistent high fever, vexation, unrest, thirst, liking drinks, reddening, swelling, heat and pains of the perineum, scanty urine, obstructed urination, or urine with visible pus and blood, burning sensation and pains in the urethra, constipation, red tongue, yellowish tongue coating, rapid and string-like pulse. After prostate diagnosis, the prostate formula is prepared specifically for this type of prostatitis.
Major prostate symptom: intermittent fevers and chills during early stage, rapid progress, frequent micturation, urinary urgency with inhibited voidings, burning sensation and stinging pains in the urethra, or visible bloody urine, falling-like distension or pains of the perineum, dry mouth, a bitter taste in the sticky mouth, constipation, distension and pains in the lower abdomen, red tongue, yellow and slimy tongue coating, soggy and rapid pulse. After prostatitis diagnosis, the prostate formula is prepared specifically for this type of prostatitis.
Major symptoms: relatively long disease history, obvious pains radiating to the lower abdomen, testicle, and waist, white excreting from the urethra at the end of the urinating, strangury when urinating, or visible bloody urine, slight hardening of the prostate checked out by the prostate doctor's finger insertion from the anus, or palpable nodules and tenderness, darkish tongue body, or stasis macules and speckles on the tongue, uneven pulse.
Therapeutic principle: Move the qi, check pains, quicken blood circulation, transform stasis .

Therapeutic principle: tonify kidneys, astringe essence, moisten the yin, and lower fire. After prostate diagnosis, the prostate formula is prepared specifically for this type of prostatitis. Major symptoms: short disease history, scanty and yellowish urine, frequent micturation, urinary urgency, painful urination, stinging pains or burning sensation in the urethra, distention and pains of the perineum and lower abdomen, intermittent white and profuse excretion from the mouth of the urethra, dry mouth, a bitter taste in the sticky mouth, yellow and slimy tongue coating, stinging and slippery and rapid pulse.
Herbal medicine, free of very strong side effects, can well be used to treat this challenging disease with satisfactory results. In herbal medicine theory, chronic prostatitis is traditionally termed as white turbidity, semen turbidity.
Due to frequent masturbation, excess of sexual intercourse, the patients present waist soreness, fatigue, burning sensation of five centers, white turbidity dripping, constipation, scanty reddish urine, etc.. Symptom includes frequent micturition, white turbidity dripping, cold body and limbs, pain in perineum, clamminess in scrotum, premature ejaculation, emission, dizziness.
Presentation include long voidings of clear urine, frequent urination, white turbidity dripping, pain in perineum, debilitation, fatigue, laziness, short breathing, poor appetite.
This is because there is more direct sunlight and warmth so the fruit retains its green chlorophyll. The thickness of the Earth’s atmosphere is what caused the asteroid to explode before hitting the ground. Water from the Atlantic Ocean spilled through the Gibraltar Strait over a period of a few months.
Every year there are roughly 150 nights with lightning for 10 hours per day and up to 280 times per hour. Together there are about a dozen different herbs that form the home herbal formula for prostatitis.
Inhibition of the Prostate Infection: Certain herbal medicine have these special features that could help inhibit the growth of bacteria and infection.
Dissolve Prostate Blockage: Blockage in the prostate acini is common in chronic prostatitis. Repair Prostate Inflammation: Infection in the prostate cause inflammation in the tissue and that has caused a lot of dysfunction to the prostate organ. Restoration of Functions of Prostate: After prostate tissue is cleared of infection and inflammation, the restoration of prostate tissue is enhanced by our herbs.

Clinically, it could be divided into acute and chronic category, inflammatory or non-inflammatory category, or specific or non-specific category. The patient is enfeebled due to the chronic course, or he has once indulged in excessive sexual activities or masturbation. Lower burner damp-heat, disturbance of qi transformation are the pathogenic factors that lead to such condition, in the explanation of the formation process by herbal medicine theory.
Heat-clearing, toxin-resolving, dampness-disinhibiting and turbidity-percolating approaches should be adopted. Presentation includes discomfort or pain in lower abdomen, perineum, waist, sacrum, tingling sensation with urethra. Therapeutic principle such as nourishing middle burner, supplementing qi, ascending the clear and descending the turbid should be adopted.
This means that 350 million years ago, a year had 385 days because the Earth rotated faster.
Because consumers won’t buy green oranges, ethylene gas, cold shocking, or wax are used to get rid of the chlorophyll to make the oranges orange.
White or sticky excretion from the mouth of the urethra usually or at the end of the urination. The following below lists five categories of chronic prostatitis with corresponding treatment approaches. Therapeutic principle should be promoting blood circulation, transforming stasis, regulating qi and dredging stagnation.
In clinical practice, the following factors may bring on the occurrence of chronic prostatitis, including dysfunction of the immune system, frequent sexual activities, frequent masturbation, indulgence in drinking much wine, influence caused by inflammation of the upper-respiratory tract, urethra, seminal vesicle, rectum, epididymitis, perineum, and so forth. Post-voidings dribble, aching pains of the loins, soft legs, feverish sensation in the soles and palms in the afternoon, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, profuse dreaming, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, hypofunction of the sexual ability, red tongue with few coating, thready and rapid pulse . Attention should be paid upon the fact that the herbs for disinhibiting dampness and clearing heat should not be administrated for long due to the damage to spleen, stomach, yin and liquid.

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