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Dip two chamomile tea bags in hot water and then rinse them with cold water to make an eye-pack. Encourage Your Child: When a child comes screaming into your room about monsters under the bed, resist the urge to be negative. They wander seamlessly out of the evil forest, sneak into your new house undetected and find a comfortable resting place in your child’s closet or underneath their bed.
Simple phrases such as “Don’t worry sugar, Mommy’s here” go a long way in the area of comfort.

This gives them something else to think about while spending some time in another area of the house.
Let them know that you have a way of getting rid of monsters and that there is no need to worry.
But it is your responsibility as the parent to vanquish these monsters back from whence they came.
Inform your child that it takes a few minuets before the monster leaves but you would be happy to stay in the room with them until then.

A monster under the bed is no laughing matter, so here are 5 easy steps to get rid of the pesky thing so everyone can get back to bed.

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