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The gall bladder stores extra-concentrated bile and releases it when you eat to help break down food. Bile is vital to the digestive system but sometimes the bile stored in the gall bladder can harden into gall stones.
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that incidence of gall stones are much higher in people who eat white bread made with refined flour.
Eating fruits and vegetables is better for you no matter what your health situation may be, but it is especially important when you have gall bladder pain. A healthier diet can keep the pain under control and might even reverse the problems, but if you have too many gall stones it can lead to pancreatitis, which is painful and can make you very sick.

You will feel almost instant relief from the gall bladder pain, and recovery from gall bladder surgery is usually quick.
Some people have a hard time switching over but today there are many products that make it easier such as whole grain white bread and breads that are made with half white flour and half whole grain that can help you with the transition. Your doctor will perform an ultrasound to look for gall stones and to discover their locations. The pain usually originates around the right shoulder blade and can radiate down the arm and across the back. Animal fat seems to be especially linked to gall stones, so avoid greasy hamburgers and other high-fat meats.

Together you can decide if you need surgery or just a healthier diet to eliminate the pain.

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