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My old non-stick frying pan and wok bore deep shiny scratches that looked like a cat had used it as a scratching post. In  general, non-stick coating like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), famously known as Teflon, is stable and non-toxic. So, not only is it time to get rid of my old pans, I had to look for non-stick alternatives that is 100% free of PTFE & PFOE. Back in May, I listed buying an ecopan as a perfect gift for Mother’s Day (Click here).
About MeOrganic skincare addict, retired yoga instructor, editorial beauty writer & closet entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring and enriching the lives of women. Pretty eyes – for feathery lashes, wipe off any excess from the wand and glide straight along the lashes, coating the full lengths.
Foxy flicks – apply a light coat to all lashes, then concentrate on heavier application at the outer lashes. Ultra drama – for a special occasion night-time look with long, thick, spiky lashes apply several thick layers without letting the coats dry in between. Doe eyes – coat the top and bottom lashes, then use the wand tip to cover the lashes at the inner eye corners to create a rounded effect. Volume va-voom – For thick, luscious lashes, press the wand onto the base of the lash, then brush up along the lengths. Easy everyday – for a barely-there au-natural (but prettier) look, apply just to the tips of the top lashes.

The headlights had to be sanded and polished, the picture shows the end result, after coating them with GYEON Q2 Trim as well.
I must say, the staff in my company actually dry the GYEON coated cars using water, as seen in the movie Great fun, less effort.
I decided to assemble the major assemblies together before doing the panel line wash, so first up, the gun was clamped in between the two part bottom fuselage.
So I first did a wash on the port wing with Vallejo Model Wash Black Gray and it turns out that the Future coat I did was not thick enough and I had to really go in and scrub the wash to get rid of it. The once shiny and smooth non-stick Teflon surface had turned matte with what looked like old rust that needed serious arm muscle to scrub clean.
However, its chemical stability starts to degrade when subjected to over 260 degree Celsius. Unlike Teflon PTFE non-stick coating, Ecolon is a ceramic-based coating made mainly of silicon dioxide – a nature material found in rocks and sand. According to owners relation, it performed extremely well in deep forest, the Subaru AWD did its job. The owner of Subaru came to our studio once again - this time we did take care of the interior. In the before pics it seemed almost impossible to get rid of all those scratches by just buffing. Fortunately, as you said, the scratches were not that deep - they did not reach the base colour.

In the meantime, I panel washed the landing gear with no issue with Vallejo Model Wash Gray which gave them some subtle depth. This degradation leads to the release of toxic fumes that can affect immune disorder, and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. Not only is Ecolon non-toxic for human consumption, but it is also environmentally-friendly.What I like most about my Neoflam frying pans and wok? But the potential health detriment PTFE & PFOE threatens far outweigh the cost difference when compared with a regular Teflon non-stick frying pan.
I then painted the clear bits Transparent Red or Blue and brushpainted Future over them to prepare for final installation.
Certain cooking oils such as refined saffron oil and avocado oil have a high smoke point above 260 degree Celsius.
This means that before your oil is heated, PTFE is already degrading and releasing chemical toxins into your food!To make matters worse, most PTFE products are further coated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

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