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Nowadays everywhere viruses damaging your Android devices, in recent times we saw many virus and malware reports for Android, they replicate themselves and spread their copies automatically, they harm your Android device in different ways like some of them leak your information, some buy without your permission and waste your money.
You must install a best antivirus app on your Android device as you don’t want to harm your valuable data, a virus-free device offers a better and fast performance that saves the time.
We tried to select apps that are performed well in the last Android malware test, so feel free to try out any of them.
The Dr.Web is pretty famous and easy to use Android antivirus app, this is Russian anti-virus that doesn’t show any effect on the operating system even doesn’t disturb the battery life.
The app check of the file system is carried out by file monitor SpIDer Guard that detects virus in the real-time mode, you can delete and move threats to quarantine where they show the complete detail. Avast is another one of top-rated Antivirus app for your Android device that even remote the device, this app lets you scan all installed apps and SD card even web URLs too and then shows the full report. This app features an advanced setting to keep your secure that is helpful to get knowledge about all viruses. The Lookout is another best solution to protect your Android device that offers a decent bunch of handy tools and not limited to just virus scanning but also offer other security but as the titles shows you that our main object is virus scanning, so let’s explore some virus-detecting tools first.
I don’t think I should introduce the Kespersky antivirus to you as it is popular on multiple-devices, as a genuinely best app, the Kespersky offers impressive security for Android devices, it also support many languages.
The Kespersky alerts you scan files and apps before they spread any harmful malware on your mobile. Norton is another one of best security app for Android devices that even lets you to protect multiple Android smartphons and tablets, you can manage the multiple devices protection using the web-based security management, scan anything you want and remove malware such as SD card and other files, the app atomically scan new downloads and apps updates. All features I just told you are available are free, however there’s also a pro version that costs you $29.99.

This is another free Android antivirus app for maximum protection, report has declared it a best free antivirus app for Android devices, the app doesn’t only protect your Android device from viruses and malware but also protect phone calls and messages, even it features theft protection option to find and control your missing device using messages, it will inform you when anyone change the SIM card on your Android phone.
The app includes a task manager to make your scanning a bit easy and give you a widget to put on home screen for quick access.
It’s the age of technology in which we are alive every day comes with lots of new devices for the ease and of people.
Find out what's happening, right now on Twitter, follow us to know more, we cover the top social media news. We covers the top social media news on topics like Facebook, like us and be our fan on Facebook. Mostly, people catch viruses in different Android markets, however some of them are secured like the Google Play store and Amazon, but you need to be careful about them, and as all of you know well that a better antivirus app can help you to get rid of all viruses and malwares, specially rooted Android users should use them because they use non-Google Play apps that can spread viruses, hence here we feature some of best Android antivirus apps.
This app use Origins Tracing way to catch viruses on your Android device that also cover knowledge database on previous threats, it’s handy to detect the whole virus family. As I said it’s not just an antivirus but also anti-theft, I’d like to say that it’s best multi-purpose security app for Android, you can control the device remotely using SMS and Web. There’s full free version to try that offers full-featured virus security but if you can pay $3 per month or $30 and own two smartphones, this app will give you some more fun as the AV-Test report says that this app can gain 90 percent marks out of 100. The pro version increase privacy protection about the device security as we’re targeting just viruses, the free version should be enough, the pro version offers better protection for stolen devices, missing contacts and SMS. The app has almost everything that you need for a better protection against viruses including other securities, you may use a password to protect your personal data such as messages. If we talk about technology Android is the part and parcel of technology because this mobile phone is through Google.

It makes a best record for every malware, you can put Dr Web app widget on the home screen for easy and fast access. The latest version sees a major leap forward in security and usability with the addition of cloud based virus-scanning and behavior Analysis of unrecognized files - making Comodo Antivirus unbeatable at detecting zero-day attacks.
Under Default settings, unknown and untrusted files are automatically scanned by our cloud-based virus scanners then, while the file undergoes behavior analysis on our cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your local machine so that it cannot modify or affect data on your 'real' system. Put simply, this ground-breaking, default-deny, protection of your PC means that only trusted applications are allowed to run on your computer.
Malware and untrusted files get nowhere near anything important AND you get to use your computer without interruption from nagging alerts. Comodo Antivirus also includes a mechanism for you to submit any files you think are suspicious to Comodo for analysis.
Comodo Antivirus is the intelligent virus defense system that offers multiple layers of hi-tech protection against known and unknown threats. It includes free automatic updates for the latest in antivirus coverage and provides real protection at no cost. Free Antivirus Smadav 2011 GTA IV All Cars Mod smadav 2010 Ansav FortiClient Free Edition avast!

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