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How to Remove Stretch Marks? : Stretch marks, or also known as striae, are the narrows lines that form on the surface of your skin.
Rub vicks all over your marks and put a piece of a cling wrap all the way around your hips. Mix a packet of instant coffee mix with some Vitamin E lotion until a thick paste is formed.
Wonderful tips, quite new actually, I would have loved them if you had explained how Vicks vapor rub will help in curing stretch marks. Stretch marks on breasts occur during teenage years and mostly during pregnancy because of weight gain.
After breast implants, during puberty, pregnancy and sometimes after gaining weight so fast, or losing weight so fast, you might see lines on your breasts. Cushing’s Syndrome, a disorder that is known to cause stretch marks even without rapid increase in breast size.
Lack of exercise and alarming dehydration could be a reason behind development of the lines. Breast augmentation and breast implants, usually for enlargement are also known to cause white stretch marks on boobs. Gaining weight rapidly or even losing weight fast while pregnant has also been identified as one of the causes. According to Mayo Clinic, breast stretch marks, just like any other stretch marks can be hereditary.
For teenagers, stretch marks on breasts occur because of the accelerated growth and development which causes fat deposits around the breasts.
At the age of 15, 14 and 13, the very onset of teenage years, stretch marks start occurring. If you are a teenager, be prepared for these because you may be surprised to see those streaks on your boobs, around thighs, legs, knees, buttocks or waist area. When there are significant hormonal changes in the body, usually during pregnancy and menopause. You are also likely to get dark purple lines during puberty because your body is growing significantly.
Potato slices: It is believed that raw potato juice has minerals and vitamins that will help restore and grow new skin cells. Rub aloe vera gel on breasts: If your boobs have red stretch marks or even old purple stretch marks, get natural aloe vera gel and rub it onto your breast and then wash off with lukewarm water after a few minutes. Gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate: Use natural white sugar as an exfoliant to remove old stretch marks on your chest. Hiding stretch marks, especially the more visible white stretch marks on boobs and old purple ones too. The methods of breast stretch marks removal are not so different from those used to remove other types of striae. Some of the ingredients found in  it include cepalin, hyaluronic acid, cepalin, cantella asiatica leaf extract, onion extract and vitamin E. This one is very popular with celebrities who use it to prevent and even remove stretch lines on the skin.
Another product from Mama Mio’s that uses fatty acid-rich ingredients such as Omega 3, 6 and 9. Microdermabrasion for treatment of red marks on breast uses a hand-held device that blows certain crystals onto the skin with stretch marks.  The crystals gently abrade or “polish” the surface of the skin. When you want to do away with all the side effects of the various technologies used for removing breast stretch marks, you can choose to use natural treatments for stretch marks on breasts. The positioning of the breast augmentation implant can also determine if you will get breast stretch lines or not.
Lastly, predisposition can also be a factor in the formation of breast stretch marks during implantation. But did you know that there’s a home treatment that could quickly wash away your stretchmarks?
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Well, you either have them for a long time and finally decided you want them gone or just found them and really don’t know what to make of it. Now there is one more type of stretch marks, the red stretch marks.Those are treated differently.
Solutions that exist for white stretch marks usually give much less results than with red ones, that is the reality of the situation that white stretches bring. Before any treatment is to be used, it is very beneficial to first follow a set of guidelines that will prepare your skin to be at its best when you start treating it.
Skin Hydration – keep your skin hydrated and it will be much more elastic, less prone to new damages and faster to recover. Lead A Healthy Lifestyle – being active a few times a week, while eating healthy nutrients has great benefits not only to your skin but to your body and self-esteem as well.
Limit Sun Exposure And Wear Sunscreen – preventing and protecting skin from sun exposure is important, as too much exposure makes your marks more exposed and visible, especially if you are tanned as the stretches do not tan, when the skin does.
Exfoliate – exfoliating is actually rubbing any dead skill cells that keep gathering on the edge of your skin.
Follow as many of the upper guidelines as possible, and when doing at least a few, only then is it worth doing the treatments as you will get the full results out of them.
If you follow EVERY SINGLE TREATMENT you will create the best chance of removing white stretch marks.
Homemade Solutions – can be quite cheap and a good way to try out the reaction of your skin to certain ingredients. Stretch Mark Creams – a viable solution that can work regardless of the the current color of striae. Skin Surgery – in essence the only way to permanently remove stretch marks, but in contrast the cost is very, very high.
New December Coupon Added for Exposed Skincare (acne care, clearer skin) for a FREE clarifying mask! Stretch marks are considered one of the most common beauty concerns which can develop in both men and women as a result of sudden changes in body size.
The main reasons for this skin condition are sudden weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, usage of certain medications, stress, rapid changes in body structures, heredity, etc. These stretch marks can not be removed completely but they can be lighten up by using lemon.
It is a natural acidic fruit that strip away the dying skin cells and has enough moisture to help hydrate the skin.
It is rich in various nutrients which are very beneficial for treating any skin problem by promoting the re-growth of skin cells.
It has anti-oxidants that help to fight against the free radicals damaging the skin layers. It contains alpha hydroxy acids that help in stimulating the collagen production, exfoliates the skin and also promotes the growth of new skin cells and blood vessels. Leave it for a few minutes so that the skin will absorb the vitamin C, moisture and other compounds. The process of mixing turmeric with lemon juice is very good remedy for treating pigmentation and stretch marks on the skin.
The following are some tips and precautions about using this lemon juice for treating stretch marks.

Lemon juice can be applied either directly on the marks or it can be added to other skin care products like moisturizers or body lotion. For pregnant women, they can use lemon (a natural extract) in the form of creams that are available in market as a preventive step.
If you develop stretch marks for no reason you can see, check with your doctor to determine the cause.
You can also use lemon juice skin wraps that are mixed with baking soda to get rid of stretch marks, scars and imperfections. This is a form of scarring of the skin, in which the epidermis gets torn due to stretching that is associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes.
And you have to bear in mind that laser therapies are not the solution for permanent stretch mark removal. If you have  marks on your tummy and a large amount of loose skin, then you may consider the abdominoplasty. They are cheap and purchasable in any marts nearby and online too.  Use the derma roller consistently, every four days once.
To make the mask, all you hav to do is to crush about 2 apricots (remove the seeds first) and apply it onto your striae. And if you don’t know, an egg white is proven to contain about 40 different types of protein, making it really beneficial for the skin. She is a health and beauty blogger from Malaysia, who also specializes on research and communication. These may be red if they are fresh, or may appear as silver or white if they have been there for a long time and are still healing.
Well, don’t just ignore them because that could be a red light alarm for something you don’t want to go through. Mayo Clinic states that the syndrome develops as a result of the body overproducing cortisol medications. Fox News reported that when you notice sudden breast striae, you should re-evaluate your hydration as well as exercise. Though we have discussed all the causes of striae here, the following are causes specific to your boobs. Hormonal changes while pregnant or even menopause can be the reason behind the development these lines. This stretches the skin around the breasts, which leads to the development of scars on boobs. Whether it is with natural remedies or treatments, it can take quite some time to improve the appearance of the lines on your boobs.
Unlike the face which can take things such as concealers, you may not do a lot of makeup for them. This topical cream for treatment and elimination of the lines contains various ingredients that help in removal and appearance of stretch marks. Mama Mio Goodbye Cream is known to reduce the appearance of stretch mark scars by over 70%. These ingredients increase the elasticity of the skin around breasts, thus helping with breast stretch mark removal.
A vacuum tube is used to remove the crystals and the skin cells that make part of the unsightly streaks. Breast surgical techniques such as sub-muscular implant technique will help prevent the marks and lines.  On-top of muscles breast augmentation or implant is likely to cause the development of breast augmentation stretch marks. It’s quite amazing to find out that our body unbelievably stretches to adjust but then those adjustments result to unsightly stretchmarks. White marks are another story altogether as these are old ones that have been there for a while and have rooted themselves in their position.
While this is easier ignored for younger scars, ignoring these simple 5 steps might be the difference between no results and complete removal. Apart from healing stretch marks, if you have any other skin problems, they will be lessened as well. It is what keeps the skin strong, elastic, vibrant, supple and also more likely to resist forced stretching.
It has been proven numerous times that a diet consisting of enough required vitamins and minerals is of a great benefit to all processes that happen daily in your own body. When cleaned or rubbed off, it shows the new and still alive skin underneath, making all treatments faster due to the direct absorption into the living, healing part of skin. The results themselves are questionable at best and really depend on what you decide to use, some will only make you look more shiny or oily, while others can have some nice fading effects.
It stimulates the tissue around scars to heal it faster, just like when muscle is built, it is first teared a bit, then it grows stronger.
While yes, due to the scars themselves being cut out they will never appear in the same place twice.
Any information on this website does not substitute advice from a certified medical professional.
They appear as pink, red or purple marks on the skin which will fade to a thin silvery white or gray color overtime. Although these may heal, the collagen fibers will fail to align properly and leads to stretch marks. The belly, thighs, hips, lower back, breasts, legs, spine, buttocks and upper arms are the common places which are more prone to develop these stretch marks.
It is very effective for lightening the colour of the marks and speeds up the natural fading process, plus it doesn’t have any side effects.
This helps in building up the collagen in the body which repairs and lightens the stretch marks. Also exfoliate the skin before applying this lemon juice will help a lot in clearing the dead and dull skin cells. They are prone to form on areas like the thighs, belly, upper arms, breasts, hips, lower back and buttocks. This is an operation in which excess skin and fats will be removed & you can eliminate marks at the same time. Outside writing, Keerthana is an animal lover and serves as an active volunteer at local animal shelters. Thanks for sharing different treatments and remedies so that one can get rid of those marks. Some birth control methods may cause hormonal changes in the body, which will mean weight gain or weight loss, which will cause development of the marks. If you don’t gain weight moderately and to acceptable limits, you are likely to get breast stretch marks. Breasts may become bigger, which may cause red stretch lines, white stretch lines and purple or silver stripes to occur. To be prepared to prevent these stripes and streaks, exercise to gain weight in a healthy way.
If you went for breast augmentation and find that you still have silver and red lines on your boobs, quick removal methods such as microdermabrasion or laser surgery are the only quickest ways to get rid of stretch marks on breasts fast. Therefore, to hide stretch mark scars on your breasts, just wear clothes with a high cleavage in order not to show those fresh red stretch lines.
Reading reviews and even talking to a cosmetic therapist would be a good way to go about the process of breast stretch mark treatment. Cepalin in the therapy softens scars while hyaluronic has a hydrating agent, making the cream leave the breasts supple. Celebrities who have used this cream for removal of the stretch marks and treatment include Stella McCartney, Gabrielle Reece, Christina Aguilera, Milla Jovovich, Natalia Vodianova, Melissa Joan Hart, Victoria Beckham, Christy Turlington, Mariska Hegarty, Emma Bunton, Jennifer Beals, Lindsay Davenport and Rachel Weisz.

These include fractional laser treatment for scar removal that makes use of the Lux1540 equipment, Pulsed Dye Laser treatment for breast stretch marks and Excimer Laser therapy for breasts. Mayo Clinic recommends microdermabrasion for the removal of breast stretch marks because it simply it removes just the topmost layer of skin cells and allows the growth of new elastic skin cells.
Some of the predisposition factors include hereditary stretch marks, an underlying disorder or the presence of the lines and scars on other parts of the body already, such as underarms, thighs, butt, belly and so on.
This is merely a sign of their age, for example if it is purple it is a bit younger, but not young, and silver is a bit older, but not old.
A removal is not really possible at this late stage, but as said, some mild fading can still be achieved using creams made at home. They have all the benefits of ingredients, which is their nutrients and the benefit of being tested by tens of thousands of people. Other than this, it provides no external benefits apart from the healing and after the few seasons of treatments, it stops healing.
They usually appear as reddish or purple lines in the beginning, but gradually fade to a lighter range over time. Pulse dye laser treatment is the most common type of laser treatment for stretch marks removal. Here’s how to remove and prevent silver, white and red stretch lines on boobs using best creams, laser treatment and even home remedies. Also, keep your skin moisturized to avoid the red deep stretch marks from forming on your chest and ruining your cleavage. Other products in this breast stretch mark treatment cream include vitamin E and grape seed extract.
The cream is also one of the best cosmetic products around for hydrating the skin and helping with curing breast stripes. Since these are scars occurring from the stretching of the skin, when they are freshly formed, your skin gets fresh deep bruises on breasts that appear as red scars. You can read more about these techniques in an article I did exclusively on treatment of stretch scars using laser techniques. Six weeks down the line, you are likely to observe the development of breast augmentation stretch marks because your skin will be scarring.
If you are breastfeeding however, be sure to talk to your doctor about the choice of boob stretch mark removal creams as well as other improvement treatments. You can however increase the chance of it working better for you by using the right ingredients in your mix.
With these and our reviews, you can make an informed decision on which one will work the best for you. If this method is picked, it is best used hand in hand with a cream, as the addition of nutrients, with the increased healing from lasers, will show you a good way to get your white stretches in control.
To continue providing our service free of charge, we sometimes receive compensation for referring products mentioned on our website.
If you suffering from the same problem as defined above, we are sharing this article to get rid of stretch marks.
It is not painful and need to be done at the early stage of your stretch lines, meaning when the lines are still red or purple. This is not a common occurrence, but quite a number of factors can contribute to the development of breast stretch marks after breast augmentation. But if the money is not an issue, then be prepared for a downtime for at least 1 month as it will take that long for the surgery scars to patch up. Before taking any dietary supplement or before attempting to self-medicate you are advised to consult with a health care professional. They are caused by distension of the skin (in terms of dermatology, it is caused by tearing of the dermis), which in most cases, occurs either because of pregnancy or due to sudden gaining of weight. Our skin always remains a bit elastic, but the pressure created by any sudden events like pregnancy or puberty can be enough to extend the skin beyond that elasticity level, thus creating stretch marks. These stretch marks ruined the beauty of boy and everybody want to get rid of stretch marks naturally. For example, if either one among your parent had stretch marks, it is quite obvious for you to receive that trait. Now the question is how well the appearance of your body is due to the interference of stretch marks?  They can be in any part of the body, whether it is a covered or exposed part. No matter where they are, it is quite necessary to get rid of stretch marks because they bear an odd looking appearance which is like a burden for you and cannot just be overlooked. Natural methods tend to take more time in the healing process of stretch marks, but artificial ones are relatively fast in doing so. Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally with Sugar White sugar with a little blend of almond oil is very useful and can also help a lot to fade your stretch marks up to a high extent. Just rub them over your stretch marks and wait ten minutes to allow the mixture to settle down. Increasing Vitamin-C Consumption to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally If vitamin-C is taken as an oral supplement alongside the glycolic acid, it can help to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. About the using the natural methods to get rid of stretch marks, few things are to be remembered, such as- All the natural methods for stretch marks reduction are long term treatments so they must not be discontinued or given a break. All the ingredients used in these methods are mostly natural and eco-friendly and of course, effective in the reduction of stretch marks, but they will take longer time do so (as mentioned before, their use will be like a long term treatment). Applying Retinoic Acid Cream to Get Rid of Stretch Marks If you smear a bit of retinoic acid cream or Retin-A, you are likely to get high enhancement regarding your stretch marks.
It works on the same principle like moisturisers, greatly effective on new stretch marks and a little less effective on old ones. But you should try to avoid exposing yourself to the sun while you have applied this cream. Get Rid of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy with Glycolic Acid This acid works on an anti-stretch mark principle. But on the contrary, glycolic acid increases the elasticity level of skin, particularly in the area of application. Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Laser treatment can be used as a suitable solution to get rid of stretch marks. Mixture of Retin-A and Glycolic Acid to Get Rid of Stretch Marks A combination or mixture of Retin-A and glycolic acid can be used to reduce the stretch marks result by a substantial amount. So above are a few artificial methods which are commonly used for getting rid of stretch marks. You can see a significant improvement for your stretch marks if you can apply these techniques, but few things should be kept in mind before proceeding, such as- These methods are of course scientifically proved, but precaution should still be exercised in case of any allergic reactions.
You should take counsel from a dermatologist before applying these techniques, just to ensure that there cannot be any sudden complications for the patient. As these methods are artificial, they can help you to get rid of stretch marks fast, but they can also include some toxic ingredients so be careful about the process you are going to use.
Of course, it is good to take a doctor’s suggestion or prescription before proceeding with any of the methods.
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