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So, if you are now in kind of similar problem, and wondering of how to get rid of white flies, then here below are the steps for getting it done.Firstly, get the leaves that has been damaged more than 50% removed and then get them burnt. Maybe insecticide is the first and only thing that pops up in your mind to sole this white flies problem, but it will be better if you try the homemade soap spray first as the alternative. Get a small piece of any soap into a gallon of water and then just leave it for about 12 hours.

After that, on the next day, get the gallon shake it to make the water and the soap blended well. Repeat the same process for about 5-10 days.“hiring” natural predators of white flies is also a good way to go. But I recommend you it will be better to keep pesticide away from your lawn, since it can be also dangerous for pets and children.

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