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Zits and blackheads can plague you no matter how old you are, especially if your skin is oily and acne-prone, says "Cosmopolitan." Your pores can get clogged with dead skin and dirt, and this can lead to both blackheads and pimples. Wash your face with a salicylic acid cleanser, which "Allure" notes will get rid of dead skin and fight the bacteria that can cause zits. Dry your face and apply a lotion that contains 10 percent glycolic acid, which "Allure" notes will help ward off pimples.
Nothing could be more frustrating than having a zit on your face the night before the prom or a big event of your life.
The first important thing to do before you seek out for some effective ways to get rid of the zits is to avoid touching the zits as some people have a bad habit of touching zits and other pimples.
You have an important meeting in the morning as you woke up and you found a zit on your face.
If you found out the zit at night, the best thing to do is to apply a dab of toothpaste over the zit. Apple cider and lemon juice are also some effective ways to clear your face off zits overnight. What should you do when you are checking your outfit for tomorrow’s big event, and then you notice a perfectly round and reddish zit staring right back at you? Getting rid of pimples overnight is probably something that each of us needs to know by heart so that it will save us from the hassle of being embarrassed during important occasions.
Although over-the-counter products instruct us to apply acne medications to the affected area, we only understand it as on top of the pimple alone and not on the whole face, which should be the case. Fortunately, there are several very effective methods to eliminate zits fast with the common ingredients you will surely find at home. Dermatologists hate this method and they will tell you: “It doesn’t work in the long-term perspective and will only damage your skin and result in further deterioration”.
Drinking water and salt you use to make a saline solution are both extremely cheap ingredients.
Now you have three effective methods and know how get rid of pimples overnight with their help.
While no treatments will erase all your skin woes overnight, you can fight pimple-causing bacteria while you sleep. If your skin has excess oil, "Cosmopolitan" recommends using a foaming, oil-free face wash to keep oil and breakouts at bay.

This will prevent any irritation or flaking that your acne products may cause, as well as keep your skin nourished and better able to repair itself. However you do not need to get disappointed as there are plenty of effective ways to get rid of zits fast.
Just take a dab of cotton, apply some apple cider or lemon juice on it and dab on the requisite area, do not squeeze or massage with it as it may irritate the zit even more. Simply take an egg, separate the egg white and yolk, take a cotton dab or paper towel, and apply the white part on the zit.
Nobody likes to have a face filled with zits and each of these remedies may respond on your skin differently so even if one remedy does not work, switch to another to have a clear smooth zit-free skin. Will you stab it, will you cry, or just shout on top of your lungs how the universe just hates you? This is a common misconception that usually prevents us from maximizing the benefits of acne products and home remedies.
In applying, avoid the eye area because the skin surrounding the eyes is incredibly sensitive. Some of these are in fact effective with certain skin types, others are more effective with different skin types.
They cost very little, yet are often more effective than the treatments you see in an expensive commercial on the national TV. The redness will disappear in a few minutes but the zit will get far less noticeable, as ice narrows the pores. Clean your face with your usual cleanser and apply a tiny bit of toothpaste on each pimple. Some cosmetologists use this method and will tell you it really works if you do the cleansing properly and don’t give bacteria a chance to get under your skin once a zit is removed. Apply some honey to the affected area to let the pores restore faster and avoid inflammation. Put them together and apply correctly to your skin and you get the results that not a single medical remedy for acne can achieve. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them too often and will get through your heavy breakout phase really fast. Each night, use cleansers, scrubs and creams designed to ward off pimples and clear out your pores, and you should notice clearer, more even-looking skin in the morning.

Smooth a generous amount of the mask onto your face, and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes.
Downie states that glycolic acid also sloughs off dead skin cells, improves your complexion's texture and tone, and gets rid of acne. Do not apply gel toothpaste on the zits as they may also irritate the zit and worsen the condition. Usually it is said to avoid rubbing the area, but you need to rub the egg white for 20 minutes on the affected area and you will see the results afterwards. There are a lot of studies, medications, and time-tested do-it-yourself tips from people all over the globe. Most pimples take days and even weeks to develop thus the real benefit of acne products is preventing future zits to form. Use saline solution to do that: damp a cotton ball in the saltwater solution for a minute, and then squeeze the excess water out of it.
Rub it onto your face for at least a minute to allow the salicylic acid to penetrate, and then wash it all off. Smooth a dime-size amount of the lotion all over your face, concentrating especially on areas where you have zits or blackheads. Make sure you do not apply the ice cube for than 45 seconds at a time as more time can also irritate the zit.
Wash it in the morning with water and try to avoid any hand contact with the zit and when you will dry your face, you will find a significant decrease in the zit. If there is one thing that unites ordinary and not-so-ordinary humans, it is our dislike of pimples. In either case, these products are expensive and the results they produce are often very disappointing. When you get up in the morning the pimples might drop off already or at least shrink in size greatly, becoming less noticeable.

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