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Ingrown toenail occurs when the nail penetrates the skin around the nail which is quite painful if not treated right away it will become infected resulting in the swelling and painful to the touch.
In more severe neglected cases the infection can lead to cellulitis, and can infect the underlying bone of your toe so be very careful. If you are at this point the best thing you can do is soaking your foot in warm water and Epson salt, this can help treat your ingrown toenail. Further treatment would be to keep your toe well dressed and wear a wider shoe like tennis shoe, or sandals. Toe ligament damage usually occurs when there is a sprain to either the big (most common) toe or one of the others through sports, walking barefoot, landing awkwardly from a jump or by falling. Step 1Refrain from any physical activity that involves your toes after injuring any toe ligaments. Step 4Protect your feet with stiff sole shoes when you exercise or engage in other physical activities. Step 5Once your inflammation has subsided a bit (after several days), you should consider rubbing it gently or taking a hot bath with your toe submerged. Wear your elastic band to sleep at night so you do not accidentally bend your toe with sheets or blankets.

Ice causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and controls inflammation and consequential pain by limiting the flow of blood and lymph to your toe. Even tiny movement of the toe can exacerbate your ligament strain and possible tear it more.
Afterwards, you may want to gently massage the affected area, and this will help with circulation and lessen the inflammation in your foot.
This will help keep pressure of your toe, and allow your infection to have enough air to heal. When you do need to be mobile, wrap a 2 inch elastic compression bandage twice around your big toe, then once around the rest of your toes to prevent additional swelling.
Elevate your feet if possible as this can help control pain and inflammation in addition to taking ibuprofen. This will permit occasional blood flow to the toe ligament which brings the necessary oxygen and nutrients (i.e.
Natural Belfast linen with Gentle Art Sampler threads, Weeks Dye Works, and Classic Colorworks floss (or DMC 503, 612, 315, 310, 729, 3865, 838, 922, 504, 3830).
I've been cleaning with alcohol, then putting Neosporin on it, putting a bandade over it and then wrapping my toe with waterproof first aid tape.

Once you toe is back to normal make sure you keep your toenails well trimmed to prevent further ingrown toenails. If your pain is more severe, ask your doctor to prescribe a stronger pain pill or a muscle relaxant.
Heal me, O Lord and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. Eventually I'm like wtf is going on down there so I stopped and looked and I had a nasty mess on my toe. Most toe ligaments can be treated with a combination of rest, immobilization, ice, heat and medications. Raw Natural Belfast linen with Dinky Dyes Silk floss(listed above) or Gentle Art Sampler threads (Weathered Barn, Cucumber, and Walnut) and Mill Hill Beads.

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