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But anyway – even though it heals fast, there are a few tongue piercing aftercare tips you have to always abide by to make sure your fresh tongue piercing is not going to get infected. As you can imagine, the mouth is constantly getting salivated and kept moist so it would be of a very little help to try to wipe the very tongue piercing’s place with a saline solution.
Do it after the meals and before going to bed to clean the food remains and other kind of microscopic plaque.
Right after getting pierced your tongue will swell up and your first tongue ring should be longer than you’d wear normally. So drink cold water and suck ice cubes frequently during the first days after the piercing. The next important tongue piercing aftercare step is to change your first tongue ring you got inserted at the moment of piercing to shorter tongue body jewelry. After around 10 days after getting pierced the tongue’s swelling will be gone and then you can insert a new, shorter tongue ring. When the tongue is back to normal and you’re getting the final tongue ring, make sure the beads sit tightly on the surface of the tongue.

Every now and then check that the piece of tongue jewelry is sitting normally in the piercing and isn’t about to fall out.
So wash your hands before touching the tongue ring and make sure the balls are screwed on securely. Yes, when I found out that tongue piercing can heal in as little as two weeks, I was really surprised! However, it’s worth pointing out that thanks to the natural mouth’s microclimate your fresh tongue piercing is very little likely to get infected at all!
Whether you have a simple vertical tongue piercing, horizontal tongue piercing or tongue web piercing the basic principles remain the same. It would be much easier just to take the cleaning solution in the mouth and rinse it, wouldn’t it? And if you’re using mouth wash that contains some alcohol, dilute it making a ? solution.
And try not to eat or drink anything warm or spicy as such things will irritate the fresh tongue piercing.

It’s very important because you have to prevent any possible damage to the fresh piercing. I’d suggest you visit the piercing studio where you got it done and most likely your piercer is going to tell you that. You know, sometimes the ball may become loose and you certainly don’t want to accidentally choke on it! Your tongue piercing is different to the other body piercings and will close up very quickly if left without body jewelry!
The tongue piercing aftercare tips don’t involve treating the very piercing place with a cotton bud, for example. Having been lying down the whole night will cause the blood pump into your head more than during the day and the tongue therefore will get swollen following the piercing.

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