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If you have unsightly sagging skin on the upper arms due to aging, genetics, or weight loss, you may be a candidate for upper arm lift surgery in Savannah, GA. After brachioplasty surgery, the upper arms are either wrapped or placed in an elastic sleeve to reduce swelling. Your Coastal Empire plastic surgeon will discuss the details of arm lift surgery during your consultation in one of our convenient Coastal Georgia or South Carolina offices.
Although our Dallas plastic surgery patients are advised that they will experience some bruising and swelling in the weeks after surgery, many find themselves counting down the number of days until these side effects will dissipate. Bruising after plastic surgery can be ugly, especially the first few days after surgery – and especially when the bruising is in a visible area such as the face. To reduce the appearance of post-operative bruising and swelling, it is critical that patients enact their at-home care routine prior to and immediately after surgery. Keep your head elevated: For the first two or three days after surgery, keep your head elevated while sleeping. Limit activity: Overexerting yourself in the first couple of weeks after surgery can worsen bruising and swelling and delay healing. Avoid blood thinning medications: Certain medications, herbs, and vitamins affect the blood.
Avoid salicylates: Did you know that foods that are high in salicylates affect the blood, and therefore can encourage bruising? The OcuMend ultra-penetrating nanotechnology is clinically proven to reduce bruising, pain and swelling due to blepharoplasty (eye lift), rhinoplasty (nose reconstruction) and fat transfer.

In order to remove the unwanted skin, an incision is required that runs from near the elbow into the armpit. Further, many patients find themselves on the Internet searching for ways to minimize post-operative bruising and swelling and make it go away as fast as possible.
Since patients are not feeling their best when they get home from surgery, it is a good idea to go shopping for supplies and have everything you need for your recovery period easily accessible. Avoid foods that are high in salicylates, such as green pepper, olive, mushrooms, tomato, radish, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, dates, guava, and raisins. Patients also benefit from cold therapy's anesthetic effect on the nerves, which helps reduce the sensation of pain and provides a soothing, refreshing, and relaxing feeling to the injured or operated area.
With simple freezer storage between uses, this reusable eye compress can be applied again and again. The incision is placed in the most inconspicuous location (inner arm toward the back), but some scarring will always be visible.
The specific risks and the suitability of brachioplasty for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation.
Although a certain degree of bruising and swelling is to be expected after surgery, there are some steps that patients can take to limit these effects.
By day five and six, the bruising should begin to lighten and take on a green, brown, or yellow color.
The flexible compress conforms gently to the area where the application of cold therapy is needed.

By six weeks after surgery, it is estimated that 90 percent of the swelling will dissipate. Because cold therapy helps to restore strength, mobility and range of motion more quickly, patients may reduce their hospital stay, heal faster and feel better sooner. The compress's unique non-freezable, non-toxic gel remains pliable even at low temperatures. Deuber know what medications, vitamins, and herbs you are taking so he can let you know if they are safe for use. Hot therapy is beneficial in reducing post-operative bruising by helping break down bruising discolorations (i.e.
The scientific, anatomical designs of the compress keep the gel distributed over the treatment area for better cold therapy treatment.
Icing every twenty minutes for the first 48 hours after surgery is a major hassle and often disables the patient, making it difficult to work on the computer, read, watch TV and be fully mobile.
With the OcuMend pads, I was fully functioning immediately, and had none of the afore-mentioned drawbacks. Hot therapy can also help increase comfort and relaxation for sore, achy skin and muscle tissues that have been operated on.

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