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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from swollen lips then it can be extremely embarrassing in addition to being uncomfortable. A swollen lip is basically an increase in the size or shape of your lip due to fluid collection, injury, infection, an insect bite or an allergy.
Fortunately though, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce lip swelling resulting from any one of the different causes above. The best treatments for lip swelling depend on the root cause of the problem and this Guide will show you some potential treatments to speed the healing — getting your lips back to normal. Wrap the ice pack in a cloth to stop it burning your skin and causing more discomfort. Some people might also benefit from ibuprofen which works as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Applying a diluted solution of organic apple cider vinegar to the area can help with acne as it has great antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.
On important thing to remember about cold sores is that they are contagious and until your cold sore completely heals, you run the risk of exposing others. Your lip might also swell as a result of a cold sore, the swelling and pain can continue even after the cold sore itself has disappeared. To reduce the swelling try to clean the area using alcohol as this will help fight any infection. Docosanol is an over-the-counter cream that is the ONLY Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment for use on cold sores. If you got into a fight then you could well have a fat lip. In this case there are a few things you can do to reduce the swelling. Applying an ice pack, without pressure, on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time will reduce redness, inflammation and pain. Taking an over-the-counter NSAID, a non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen will also help with swelling. Also castor oil is very useful when applied to the swollen lip as it can help to bring down swelling while keeping the affected area moist. However, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable while you are waiting. Applying petroleum jelly, an Aquaphor ointment will keep your lips moisturized without irritating the burn and will keep your lips from peeling.
Applying an over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment (1 percent) to the out edges of your mouth will also speed healing.
It’s important to get the stinger out by using tweezers or some other method like scraping it with a credit card, before doing anything else.

This will normally subside after a couple of days, there are a few different things you can try to reduce lip swelling caused by piercing though. Suck on ice cubes if you can as this will help to cool down the lips and hopefully reduce the swelling. If the piercing is getting very tight because of the swelling then it’s important to go and see whoever did the initial piercing. They may be able to use a different type of  lip piercing material to reduce the swelling while your lip skin adjusts and heals from the piercing. Braces may also cause your lips to swell, the best way to reduce swelling in this case is to use honey. Honey can aid in preventing infection, rapidly reduce swelling, pain and inflammation for a shorter healing time. Honey’s antibacterial properties are proven to speed healing as well as improve oral health. Put some honey onto the affected area and under your lip and try leave it on for at least 15 minutes.
Hopefully this guide has shown you that lip swelling isn’t normally anything to worry about.
How to reduce lip swelling, by using some of the techniques above, should help you speed up the healing process on your road to recovery. However, if your swollen lip gets too serious, or you are overly concerned, then it’s always a good idea to book an appointment to see your doctor.
Lip piercing is a popular style among different styles of body piercing that pierce the area around lips. Estimated curing times for most piercing range between 4 to 8 weeks, but there is a risk of grave infections if you do not take proper care. Once healing period is over, you can use different jewelry items to enhance the beauty of your lips. WE ARE CLOSED - 16-24 November - Very sorry for any inconvenience this causes - Business as normal on return.
You can also try using some aloe Vera lotion and rub it into the affected areas of your lip. This is a treatment option ONLY that may shorten an outbreak, depending on the user, but it is NOT a cure. If you sustained any broken blood vessels, on the receiving end of a punch, aspirin is a known blood thinner that may make your injury bleed more. If this is the reason for the swelling then it will normally sort itself out in a couple of days. A face cloth soaked in cool water can also help to provide comfort and bring the swelling down.

Unless you are allergic which usually requires Benadryl and a doctor’s visit, most stings require simple at home wound care.
Believe it or not, the copper coin can neutralize the acid in the sting and bring down the swelling very quickly.
This will be helpful in the event there is any infection or pain caused by wearing the braces. Immediately after healing sometimes, a scar tissue appears but it disappears within few days. Generally, recommended mettles for lip jewelry are surgical steel, nickel free gold and titanium.
Aloe Vera is a plant which has anti-inflammatory properties and so is very useful to reducing lip swelling. Once you’ve finished wash the honey off and repeat the process a couple of times a day. Use of alcohol, cigar or any other kind of drugs just prior and after piercing can prolong the healing time. One useful tip in the selection of jewellary is never select too heavy or sized jewellary in the beginning. You can use any regular mouthwash as well but make sure it should not e too concentrated or harsh on your wound. Cleaning and tapping the wound for a couple of minutes with a mild saline solution reduce the swelling and improve pus discharge from the wound.
Do not forget to rotate the jewelry regularly; otherwise, lymph discharge can clog the hole.
It is as good as saline solution; make sure you use clean water in order to dilute the mouthwash. You have to be very careful about hygiene of your mouth, as it can lead to bigger complications.

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