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Pock marks from acne, which are also called boxcar scars, typically occur on the temples or cheek area, according to
Laser Genesis: the Laser Genesis uses a unique type of laser to decrease the appearance of red on the skin.
Isolaz acne treatment: the Isolaz acne treatment uses a broad spectrum light to kill the acne-causing bacteria, but this broad spectrum light also decreases the red marks on the skin.
Topical medications: Topical prescription medications, like retinoids and azeleic acid, can produce a small improvement in post-pimple redness.

Fillers are a treatment that quickly improves the appearance of depressed acne scars, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, some of the most effective treatments are administered by a licensed dermatologist.
Your dermatologist will inject material, like collagen or your own fat, to plump up the depressed area of the scar. The procedure can last up to two hours, depending on pock mark severity, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

A licensed dermatologist has several treatment options available to minimize the appearance of pock marks caused by acne.
For example, very deep boxcar scars may require a deep chemical peel, according to

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