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After repeating the whole process for five days you will notice that your mole has become very hard and it looks like a scab.
Actually it is guaranteed that the process will work out and you will not even get any pain and sign of discomfort for that.
Now after day three or four days you will see that the upper coating of the mole has got hard and the color of the mole has turned dark.
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It is a yellowish-white colored powder made from the bark of thanaka tree and is commonly used in Burma as a cosmetic.
Make a paste of thanaka powder and safflower oil, the consistency should match with a hair removal cream. Actually the vinegar should enter the mole so the small holes are made through penetrating a sterile needle.
Actually first get your moles identified by a medical practitioner and then after being sure try out with this process.

But if it is dysplastic nevi then this process will not work because this is cancerous type mole.

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