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If you’re successfully able to isolate the mildewed area, that means you can spot-treat it without going through the effort of cleaning the whole room. Of course, the best way to get rid of a mildew smell is to prevent it from developing it in the first place. With regular attention and the occasional use of a few household staples, you can get rid of that mildew smell you hate so much, along with the hazardous, unhealthy mold those smells belong to. Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
The musty odor on towels, tile, and basement walls can be a sign you have a mildew problem. And unfortunately, it’s all too common, lurking in the dark, damp corners of your home. However, if you’ve searched high and low but cannot find any obvious mildew growth, cover all your bases by giving the entire space a once-over.
Fill a large container about halfway with your chosen deodorizer and leave it to work its magic in whichever rooms you’ve been encountering issues with mildew.
Fortunately, this arsenal of cleaning tips can help you finish the housekeeping more quickly—and with fewer commercially sold products. Don't worry: With a few simple pantry items, you can completely eliminate the odor and stymy future mold growth.
The smell of mildew can literally develop overnight, especially during periods of damp and humid weather.

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