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The finger nails are prone to a variety of diseases due to infections and some external factors. Lack of nutrition, unhygienic habits and inappropriate nail care are the reasons for fingernail problems. Where sex health is concerned a lot of women are becoming more and more aware and conscious about the fitness of the sexual organs. One of the safest and the easiest ways to treat as well as prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis is to clean the vaginal area everyday without fail. Along with keeping the vagina clean, it is equally important that you wash it with water and clean it with a toilet tissue after urinating every time. However, avoid putting sugar in the yoghurt while eating which will only aggravate the situation to a worse level. Raw garlic can also be placed in the vaginal area to treat the bacteria and fungus accumulated there. Where this vaginal infection is concerned, it is always a good idea to include loads of nutrients to the everyday meals. Drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday not only flushes out toxins from the body but also clear away the bacterial growth from the vagina. You can prepare a warm water soak at home in your bath tub and add some salt and drops of cedar oil to it. You can concentrate some apple cider vinegar with water and rinse the area properly at least once everyday. Tea tree oil application is another effective home remedy that you can easily extract benefits from to cure the infections safely and in a simple manner. Blackheads is one such skin-condition that every individual battles with at some point or the other in their lives.
Using black eyeliners have become a common thing nowadays since various brands started producing different vibrant shades.

Though most of these illnesses are harmless, some may lead to serious problems such as chronic disorders, destruction of the nail, etc.
One of the many common and prevalent sexual infections in the vaginal area of a woman is the bacterial vaginosis.
Some of the most known ones is lack of nutrition, unhygienic ways of sexual intercourse, unhealthy lifestyle and even prolonged periods of moisture in the vagina. Once you are confirmed about the fact that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, then the first step is to consult a professional.
Such a good habit will also make sure that you don’t get infected with these diseases on the first hand. You can either include 2-3 bowls of plain yoghurt in your daily meals or soak a tampon in it and place it in the vagina.
Also, the placing of the tampon should not be for a prolonged period or else it might lose its benefits and have adverse effects. You can also include this food item in the diet or else take garlic pills available in the market. Stay in this water for about 15-20 minutes everyday to see the difference it makes and how well it cures the infection below.
However, home remedies and natural solutions are a better option for treating the problem as compared to medications. The anti-bacterial properties of this natural product will give you far more advantages than you can imagine. Add on some fresh juices and other healthy liquids like coconut water and buttermilk to the diet as well.
Lack of water, fat, extreme use of nail polish removers, dipping the fingers in chemicals for a long time, etc., are the reasons for the nail problem. If we try to define this infection in simple terms it is the accumulation of bacteria and fungus in the vagina thus leading to severe itching, pain and even discomfort.
Home based treatments are 100 percent safe and effective. They are also pocket-friendly in many ways.

These may also lead to the dehydration of nails and due to this, the fragile nail breaks easily. Here in this sex health guide we have all the efficient tips and remedies for your benefit.
While blood clotting, leukonychia and nail infections lead to discoloured nails, malnutrition, iron deficiency and trauma are the reasons for spoon nails.Fingernail Infection - OverviewParonychia or infection on the edge of finger or toenail is a common problem which is caused by skin bacteria. The skin around the nails damages due to various traumas like chemical irritation, dishwashing, finger sucking, and nail biting.
Soak your fingers in a mixture of equal amounts of warm water and liquid anti bacterial soap. If the symptoms are severe, immediate medical attention is essential.Fingernail Treatment - Remedial MeasuresYou can go for some home remedies for treating fingernail diseases. Fragile nail can be prevented by using gloves when you work with harsh chemicals, soaps and water. You should also reduce the usage of chemicals such as nail polish removers, nail varnishes, false nail adhesives, harsh detergents, etc.
It is also important to avoid problems such as mental stress, genetic aging, sickness, use of alcohol, viral infection, poor diet, etc., because these are the psychological factors which lead to finger nail disease. Take equal quantities of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and soak the nails up to 45 minutes in it.

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