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The Dogzilla Dino Ball dog toy is made of super durable rubber that holds your pet's favorite treats, encouraging active chewing and mental stimulation. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism. Carob Dog Treats Dog Cake Recipes Chocolaty Peanut Butter Cake for Dogs This dog cake recipe makes all natural carob dog treats. A simple Internet search of "carob cake for dogs" will also yield recipes specifically made for dogs. Dogs Recipe; Cranberry Coconut Granola for Dogs Recipe A Healthy Chocolate Substitute Carob for Dogs You need a chocolate substitute for your dog treats.
The aim for any treatment of hot spots in dogs, is to relieve the itching, dry the area out, kill the bacteria and heal the skin. The conventional method is based on using over-the-counter products and prescription medication prescribed by your vet. As you can see, there are many treatment options for hot spots in dogs but I personally recommend using a natural remedy topically along with a natural shampoo and anti-itch spray.
No matter which method you choose, it's always a good idea to bathe your dog first with an antiseptic shampoo and moisturizing rinse to help with the overall itching.
The question how to Treat Allergic Dermatitis in Dogs has been asked 431 times by our users. Canine Atopic Dermatitis, or Dermatitis in dogs, is a serious allergic reaction that can really cause dogs to suffer.

You’ve not heard from us for a while, as Autumn has fallen and we have been very busy protecting our humans from all of the leaves throwing themselves from the trees.
We’ve also been busy greeting the human’s customers, making them feel very welcome, and sometimes giving them some of our extra fur to keep them warm.
So we’re already at that spooky time of year again, which means mum and the team have had chance to dress us up.
Though I woof love to strut the show in my outfits, Chops is not a fan, and normally gets me to help her rip it off straight away. I think maybe I’m better at tricks than I am jokes, and we both love doing tricks if it means treats!
We do know a lot of tricks though like … sitting … and sleeping …and saying hello to the team. We’d love to see our fellow canine pals though doing some fantastic tricks, so feel free to comment, or come see us on twitter! Check out our whole Dogzilla collection for even more unique, creative toys that will banish your dog's boredom. Dogs sent from all 48 states were trained for patrol, sentry duty, mine detection, and as messengers. Despite protests from their handlers, at war’s end the military left some 4,000 dogs behind. I think Erin knows chocolate's not good for dogs, which is why she's asking for carob recipes.

It is definitely my favourite time of year, being wrapped up nice and cosy, getting to wear brrrrrrilliant outfits and running around in leaves. I’ve tried to convince her it’s the best with tails tales of warm sausages, cosy blankets and extra fuss from the humans as they want warm cuddles, but she is still feeling a little blue that summer is over. They might not be backflips and riding skateboards, but we’re business dogs, we’ve got a bit more decorum!
His bloodhounds helped locate wounded soldiers and later carried messages between outposts during artillery bombardments. With their sensitive noses, dogs were able to smell gas attacks and bark a warning before troops could detect the chemicals.
Chocolate's a no-no for dogs (it can make them very sick), but this carob cake will set your pup's tail a-wag. So I thought I’d tell her some Halloween jokes to cheer her up and get her as excited as I am. I like Nature's Specialties Wham Anti-Itch spray as it has natural ingredients and works immediately.
This is fairly typical as these sores start out as small circular patches that enlarge rapidly - frequently within a matter of hours.

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