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Ingrown hairs are unsightly, painful, inflamed and even infected bumps, especially when they occur on the sensitive skin in your pubic region. Instead of growing straight out, some hairs can fold back on themselves and become ingrown. Once you've freed the ingrown hair with a warm washcloth compress, you can tweeze the hair out.
You can deal with the inflammation by applying a hot cloth or compress to the ingrown hair. The last meeting shaving your bikini area didn't end too well and now you have pubic razor burn, often called, razor rash.
Skin moisturizer is one of the most important agents required for curing eczema in the pubic region. You can use a mixture of hydrocortisone lotion and calamine lotion in order to reduce the swelling and itching of the skin.
Medicated bath can reduce itching to a certain extent and can even rejuvenate the dry skin.
You can apply calendula oil on the infected areas for removing dry and dead skin cells. Virgin coconut oil is yet another important remedy utilized for the treatment of eczema.
A huge number of natural herbs are considered for the treatment of eczema in the pubic region.
Grape fruit juice and licorice tea are strong anti-oxidants, which are capable of removing the harmful scraps from our internal system. Certain precautions and measures should be followed in order to cure eczema in the pubic region. You should avoid using soaps and lotions, which contain synthetic dyes and strong scents as they can make the condition worse. You should also change the underpants in order to check accumulation of sweat, to keep the area clean and dry.
Previously, she was the science section editor and titling associate for several other sections of Demand Media Studios, including fitness, nutrition and technology. This treatment might soften the hair enough for it to rise to the surface where you can use a pair of sterilized tweezers to pull it out.
Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment once or twice per day, especially following the warm compress and soap. Should the skin become reddened, full of pus or extremely painful, contact a health care professional for skin infection treatment.

Soak in a warm bath for at least five minutes to soften the coarse and curly hair of your public region. Apply your regular shaving cream on top of your shave oil, but avoid soaps, shampoos or conditioners. Wash and pat dry, then apply a moisturizing skin cream that contains salicylic or glycolic acid.
Neosporin (make sure to keep on outside of body) will help fight bacteria and accelerate the healing process.Soothe skin. You should apply a sufficient amount of skin moisturizers in order to keep the infected region smooth.
You can prepare a bathing solution by mixing baking soda or oatmeal powder with mild warm water. First of all, you should avoid consuming specific foods like milk, nuts, eggs, strawberries, etc., which cause allergies. You can enhance your mental stability with proper yoga and meditation. You should also avoid skin fitted clothes and scoring of the skin. She completed her undergrad education at the University of Southern California and has worked for Men's Health, FitPregnancy and People magazines. A hair becomes ingrown when the tip of the hair gets folded back into the skin at the root. The pus is caused by your body's attempt to fight what it considers foreign--the hair that has re-entered the skin. If the hair doesn't surface right away, you may need to wait a few days for it to get long enough for you to pull out.
Shaving, plucking or any other hair removal method can make the irritation worse and introduce bacteria to the ingrown hair follicle.
Turn the tweezers in either direction to loosen the tip of the hair and force it to pop out of the skin. You can minimize the risk of infection by using hydrocortisone or anti-itch cream, witch hazel or pure aloe vera on the area to prevent you from itching the affected area.
Hair is easier to remove when it's shorter, which means hair removal is also easier on your skin. Use a loofah, washcloth or exfoliating scrub as it helps prevent ingrown hairs and releases hairs already starting to grow inward.

Shave in the direction of hair growth for the least amount of irritation and avoid making multiple passes over the same area as this can lead to ingrown hairs. Bikini Zone Medicated Gel not only aids in calming redness, but helps numb skin so you don't feel the sting. You can relax in your bath tub for about 15-20 minutes and allow the skin to soak in the solution. If you shave, wax or use another form of hair removal in the pubic area, you increase the likelihood of an ingrown hair, as the hair is shortened and can more easily bend into the skin. When this appears, disinfect a pair of tweezers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Another method is to take one point of the tweezers, insert it into the loop of hair and slowly lift upward. It further softens your hair, and it's less easily washed away by water than shave cream, offering a more reliable layer of protection from friction. Sometimes ingrown hairs will take care of themselves if the hair grows long enough and you don't itch the affected area.
This is different from plucking the hair; the intention is to gently get the tip of the hair to come out of the skin.
If you do scratch at the area, apply more of the antibiotic ointment to the area to help minimize the risk of infection.
Stay away from hot water, drying and fragranced bath products in this area, saunas and tanning beds until irritation is gone.Friction is not your friend.
If treated properly, you can get rid of ingrown hairs in your pubic region at home, but if pus, bleeding or other signs of infection occur, you should seek medical help. However, they are sometimes caused by tight clothing rubbing against and irritating the area. Also stick to a single blade razor, rather than one with multiple blades which can be more aggravating to the skin because they're made to give a very close shave.

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