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Are struggling for breath, possibly breathing in a strange way appearing to ‘suck in’ below their rib cage and using other muscles to help them to breathe.
If they are burnt and the burn is severe enough that you think it will need dressing – treat the burn under cool running water and call an ambulance.
A cut that is gaping or losing a lot of blood, if they have amputated a finger or if there is something embedded in the wound. Bleeding – if you see blood; apply direct pressure and be aware of signs of shock that could indicate internal bleeding. Broken bones – don’t be distracted by broken bones as they are rarely life threatening.
If the casualty is struggling to breathe, the best position for them to be in is sitting down in an upright position. If you think they might be showing signs of a heart attack – sit them down in an upright position (lazy W if they are comfortable with this) and encourage them to take their GTN spray if they have one. If they are unconscious and breathing they must be put into the recovery position to protect their airway from vomit and from their tongue flopping back and causing and obstruction. It is strongly advised that you attend a Practical First Aid course to understand what to do in a medical emergency. We have trained thousands of Teachers, Sports Organisations, Parents, Nannies, Childminders, Business Groups, Doctors and Medical Professionals… and the feedback has always been outstanding. First Aid for Life produce monthly educational newsletters covering specific injuries, illnesses and first aid related topics. Fancy an adrenaline-fuelled adventure holiday but don’t quite have the budget to go to the likes of New Zealand, South Africa or Hawaii? Often overlooked by all but the very keen thanks to the chilly waters, grab yourself a wetsuit and don’t let the temperatures put you off!
This is all about getting yourself a bike with some nice suspension (or not, but it’s gonna hurt more) and pointing yourself down a big hill where jumps, sweeping turns and more await.

You may not have heard of this unusual adrenaline activity but our Editor Alice certainly has – and is dying to have a go! I’ll admit, we’ve not quite got Sydney Harbour Bridge to jump off within our shores, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without this adrenaline-pumping treat, and the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge is pretty iconic in her own way! Snowboarding in the UK has come a long way from dry ski slopes that forever threatened to take off a finger, or at the very least give you a severe carpet burn. This involves attaching yourself to a big, thick wire, which points down hill, pushing off, and enjoying the ride.
Em cut her teeth getting great deals during her unfeasibly long time as a student, so she knows how to get the most out of every pound!
Keep cooling the burn until the paramedics arrive – look out and treat signs of shock. Try and establish why they are having difficulty and if they have any medication to help – are they asthmatic?
If they do not feel better and they have been prescribed a 300mg aspirin they should chew this – phone the emergency services and stress that it is urgent. If there is a delay with the ambulance and you feel safe transporting them, take them there yourself. The warmest waters are found in Devon and Cornwall – try Putsborough Sands in Devon for a gentle introduction, or just head to Fistral Beach in Newquay to share the waves with the big boys.
Not for the faint hearted, essentials are protective clothing and a slightly cavalier attitude to your own physical wellbeing.
You get strapped in to a giant inflatable ball and pushed down a hill, getting faster and faster all the way. In fact, in Rotherham you’ll find the world’s first indoor bungee too, so you can have a go whatever the weather.
Today, there a cold havens of real snow across the country, and all you have to do is show up, wrap up warm and push off.

Whether you want to test your skills on high and low rope courses first before flying down a huge zip line is up to you – there are places that offer both ways to approach this activity.
It is of critical importance that they are swiftly assessed as if they have a blood clot and are treated quickly enough it is possible to reverse the damage.
First Aid for life provides this information for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice.
And best of all, now that the sun’s finally shining, you can still get that holiday glow as well.
Try it out at Cwmcarn near Newport in Wales or in the beautiful surroundings of Fort William in Scotland.
There are also other mobile bungee facilities so check online to see when one’s coming near you!
Most places require beginners to have lessons, but if you’ve done it before chances are you can freestyle. Many of the locations and activities are child-friendly as well, but if you want to get your little one on the course of being an adrenaline junkie, it’s best to call ahead and check! First Aid for Life is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made, or actions taken based on this information. This activity has been picking up popularity around the country with plenty of places to have a go – from Tamworth to Chester and Ware to Macclesfield. If their condition doesn’t improve, phone the ambulance service again and tell them what is happening.

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