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Cough and cold are common viral infections that are found to occur among both the children and the adults.
It is an extremely contagious ailment and the adults can get affected at least 2 to 4 times in a year while the children can suffer from it about 12 times in a year. Upon the first signs and symptoms of common illnesses, simply scoop 2 to 3 tablespoons of the mixture. To be relieved from congestion and coughing, you can take the Ginger Tea three to four times a day. Deformities brought about by gadgets are not new – there's the blackberry thumb and the cell phone elbow.
Conditions which affect the lungs and bronchus can range from a simple irritating cough to severe asthma and a range of chronic diseases. Asthma conditions range in severity and cause, and cover the whole age range; although more commonly seen in children than in adults.
If you have a persistent cough (more than two weeks) which has not responded to simple home treatment such as honey and lemon, you should seek advice from a qualified practitioner. All simple coughs due to bacterial or viral infection respond well to medicinal herbs in the form of teas, tinctures or inhalations. Nutritional advice can be helpful for those who have a compromised immune system or suffer from food intolerances. Acupuncture has been used over many years by people with a wide range of respiratory conditions.
Chinese medicine (of which acupuncture is a part), considers signs and symptoms to be a sign of deeper energetic disharmony within the human system, and has its own diagnostic system through which to understand an individuala€™s imbalance.

This additional perspective is a valuable part of the Acupuncture process, and together with a western understanding of health and disease enables the Acupuncturist to provide a truly individual treatment. Acupuncture treatments are directed both at reducing symptoms and also resolving the underlying imbalance for a more lasting effect. Acupuncture can be used alongside conventional medicine and is suitable for people of all ages including women in pregnancy.
When the upper respiratory tract gets affected with mild viral infections, it is known as common cold. Sudden change weather, change from one season to another, weak immune system, sitting near any individual who has already been affected by cough and cold etc are some of the many reasons that can cause this ailment. As per this therapy, the individual needs to drink lots of water. A compress needs to be put on the forehead of the individual and the body has to be sponged and wiped with the help of a towel. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Although cold, cough, and flu are common regardless of age and gender, you should prepare well enough on how you can cope with such illnesses.
Whether your nose is congested or you have an upset stomach, ginger can help alleviate these symptoms. When combined with other natural remedies such as honey and lemon, convalescent period will not be too tough. Most respiratory conditions are inflammatory in origin: that is, the symptoms are caused by tissue being inflamed by an irritant such as an allergen, a bacteria or a virus. The other chronic respiratory conditions tend to be classified together as COPD a€“ chronic obstructive airways disease; and once diagnosed, patients are closely monitored by their local NHS service.

The medical herbalist will treat the person with the cough rather than the cough itself; therefore no two prescriptions will be identical. More complex coughs, such as asthma or any of the COPD’s respond well to a range of herbs which help the body to holistically manage a chronic complaint. Runny nose, sore throat, tickle in the throat, sneezing, headache, cough, muscle aches, mild fever, feeling of fatigue etc are some of the symptoms of the ailment. After boiling the water for about 2-3 minutes, strain the mixture and add half tea-spoon of sugar in it.
Pharmaceutical options can be of help, but you might try first the natural remedies because of its affordability and efficiency. If severe and chronic the lung tissue can lose much of its elasticity and ability to absorb oxygen. If the cough only occurs at night it may be the result of mucus (phlegm) trickling down the back of the throat when you lie flat.
It is an excellent remedy for cough and cold.These simple natural remedies can provide relief from cough and cold.

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