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Gauging ears refers to increasing the size of an existing ear piercing, generally in the ear lobe, and the technique is also known as stretch piercing.
Gauging ears is a skill that you can carry out yourself, but the initial piercing should be done by a professional at 16g, knowing your ultimate goal. Have you noticed a swelling, yellowing and a burning sensation in the pierced region of your ear.
Mine hurt a little because my friend had a little problem with actually pushing the thing all the way in but the pain was still EASY to take!

Normal ear piercings are made with a gun or a needle, the best and most regular being a professional needle piercing, generally at what is known as 16 gauge, or 16g, equivalent to a hole diameter of about 1.2 - 1.
There is a great deal of fabulously cool ear jewelry for stretch piercings including studs, barbells, plugs and flesh tunnels, and they are available in all types of material including glass and amber. READ THIS FOR THE TOTAL STORY: So I got a cartilage piercing for my birthday on the 15th, 5 days later its swollen,red, and hurts. Stop the problem with a simple technique that I use to help with my personal on-going ear problems.

An infection can take 24 to 48 hours to develop and in most cases it's quicker than that.

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